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  1. 6-Speed 4.10s with 37s Need Some Help

    Yeah, no! very easy to stall this thing by dropping the RPM too low. If RPM get down to 500RPM, this thing falls on its face. There is a nice video out there demonstrating the difference between a weighted flywheel and the stock flywheel idling up a hill. The stock flywheel stalls out...
  2. Armorlite floor system thermal insulating performance tested with sensors

    What several others have done is place this type of material down before you put the kit in. You can also use this before you install a Carpet King Headliner kit. It more than tripled the install time for my...
  3. Auto park then what

    I do it all the time. One real advantage of MT, that crap isn't present!
  4. I get nothing two completely charged batteries and absolutely nothing

    Check the battery connections, especially the ground. If the fusible link got popped, that would cause what you are seeing also. That said, I can't find any info on where it is located on the gladiator. It is generally somewhere on the firewall, all power routes to it before going to the...
  5. I hate thieves

    Yes, let's keep the political lies to Twitter, Gab, and Parler! This is where I come to get away from all that crap!
  6. Need to borrow OEM LED manual...

    Why not just show the receipt from where you bought them. I am sure you got an email confirmation
  7. Oil Capacity - This is Strange?

    I asked at the dealership. They said their system only allows them to Bill in 6 qts for an oil change. That said they did the fast squeeze method, so it probably only got 5 qts. Literally 30 to 45 seconds per bottle.
  8. Should I remove Factory paint protection film

    How have I gone this long and this is the first I have heard of these? Awesome
  9. Oil Capacity - This is Strange?

    I can say, I watched the dealer put 6 qts in mine
  10. Am I off base here?

    With your history, I think it is reasonable. Be blunt with the service manager! Explain exactly what you have seen in the past, and why you are worried. If they can't understand that, then you need to find another service dealership. Sorry, I worked at dealerships and I have seen some...
  11. So, is the tailgate of the Gladiator NOT metal?

    It doesn't rust, but it does corrode! Believe me, 20+ years in the aircraft industry, Aluminum does corrode big time! It doesn't get big red rust patches, it gets white patches that eat it away like a cancer. Basically just like rust. Look for it to start anywhere that the aluminum...
  12. Flush Mount LED Tail Lights for Jeep JT | Group Buy Pre-Order

    You don't need to splice your wiring. You just need to set the flag that tells the system that you have LED bulbs installed. No splicing required. You can do that with any of a half dozen tools. I personally prefer JScan as it isn't a programmer, it just allows you to set the factory...
  13. 2-Door Gladiator ;) This concept truck is retro cool

    My favorite part of that truck is the military style taillights
  14. Anyone Running Quadratec Rubicon Xtreme Wheels?

    LOL, I thought those were stock sport rims. Seriously, thought this was a joke.
  15. 2021 Apple carplay issues?

    They are really good at pointing the finger at Apple, but Android is having the same problems. Jeep knows full well the problem is high resistance in the circuit in question, but they aren't going to fix it! Mine worked for 30 minutes since the last update and now the center console won't...
  16. Auxiliary LED Reverse Lights (Integrated Rear Bumper)

    I am sure they are fighting the same materials problems as everyone else in manufacturing right now.
  17. Previously owned favorite vehicles

    Prior to my Gladiator, my 2 favorite vehicles I have owned. 92 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4. 450 AWHP. 64 C10 2wd Both of these had more hp than traction and you had to be very careful especially when the roads were wet. An absolute blast to drive.
  18. Mojave Hood Scoop MOD

    Yes the intake is on the driver side on the 392.
  19. Okay, I may catch flak for this question, but.... where is the Sirius antenna?

    If you install the sound matting insulation, there is a foil layer to it. You aren't supposed to cover the area that goes above those if you use the Sat system.