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    I concur that it's artsy editing that makes this look Bikini. Another good example is this awesome shot. The disclaimer reads as though he's plowing through some crazy water feature, but it appears that he's just driving into a nicely-timed firehose spray. It does look awesome though!! Great job...
  2. Is legit?? Where do you shop?

    That's great! Hopefully you'll get your refund quicker than 44 days 😆
  3. Is legit?? Where do you shop?

    To close the loop on my ExtremeTerrain problem, after a mere 44 days of battling with them to get the correct refund it finally came through!
  4. Broke my first thing....

    Ditto 😣
  5. Simply The Best spring sale!!

    I ordered the black twill Sunrider via Amazon which has a 10% instant coupon. No waiting for a rebate. Showed up in four days even though Amazon stated it may be a few weeks. It installed in 20 minutes and looks great!!
  6. Is legit?? Where do you shop?

    Wow, not my experience at all. I had an open box top that was stated "Great condition" with no missing parts. It was missing so many parts I couldn't come close to installing it and the top wasn't even shipped in a box, just a bag. I've been fighting with them for over six weeks to make this...
  7. Which hard tri fold bedcover?

    I have the Mopar trifold but wish I would have done a roll-up cover. The Mopar cover is great but it doesn't totally flip up like the others which means if you have a bigger load you have to totally remove the cover itself and it's kind of a pain in the butt.
  8. Ohio 2004 TJ Rubicon

    OMG you are totally right and great catch, thank you!! I fixed it and put up a new pic. Simple enough to do with the disconnects! Thanks again!
  9. Ohio 2004 TJ Rubicon

    Not sure what you are referring to. You can only see like four inches of the sway bar in the pic. Help a brother out here with some details. Thanks!
  10. Ohio 2004 TJ Rubicon

    How's that? Everything was from the RE kit but the links. What would you suggest?
  11. Ohio 2004 TJ Rubicon

    Thanks, bro! It's even bigger and meaner in person!
  12. Is legit?? Where do you shop?

    That's funny, I bought a set of tires and had them mounted at 4WheelParts and had the best customer service ever and would be happy to go back. I guess it probably all depends on the experience we have at any given time.
  13. Is legit?? Where do you shop?

    I'm curious if anyone shops there. Seems like they have a lot of good stuff. I placed a few small orders recently but have had horrible experiences and even worse customer service. It feel likes it's a late 90's ecommerce tech-startup the ways things are run over there. I any event, where do...
  14. Ohio 2004 TJ Rubicon

    2004 TJ Rubicon 4.0L 5-Speed 133k miles No rust, drives amazing! This thing is a beast with many new parts, including: 4.5" Rubicon Express 4.5 Inch Super-Flex Short Arm Lift Kit + 1" body lift All brake components Rocker steps Bumpers Synthetic winch Bestop Trektop NX (shown with sides and...
  15. Toys?

    The small one was from the brochure and the large one was made for a giveaway we did on the forum a while back.
  16. Toys?

    I've snagged almost everything out there. Ten different scales. Obsessed, maybe. Patient wife, definitely!
  17. Auto trans tunnel side storage containers...thoughts?

    The driver's side gets in the way of the seat when moved forward very far. Experienced first when my short wife popped it off when adjusting the seat forward. Should be no problem if your taller than 5-6 ;)
  18. Ohio 1997 Wrangler TJ Sport 4.0L Auto

    First year TJ!! Looks great and drives great! 1997 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4.0L Automatic Engine has 131,XXX miles (replaced in 2019, Jeep OD has 238k) Frame is really good. Patch put on the rear but so well done you can barely see it. Middle and rear body mounts are rusting through but still...
  19. Will 37s fit on a stock Overland?

    Stock Overland here. 35x12.5's fit just great! Minor infrequent rubbing on the sway bar at full lock but otherwise they ride well. I don't take her off road so I would imagine you could run into issues there.
  20. Can a gladiator haul a whole sheet of plywood?

    Here is my 700lbs of ply...