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  1. Foam cannon anyone?

    I use their matte wash on my bike, honey dew on the yukon, and just tried the Tough Mudder on my Jeep and that worked real nice.
  2. Dumb question probably

    IIRC, when there is a donut that is a smaller diameter it should only be on 2WD vehicles, and the owner's manual will point out that if you get a flat on the drive axle, you move a regular sized wheel from the non-drive and put the donut on the now-empty spot
  3. Think i want full width bumper- help me decide

    Placed the order 4/7, was delivered 4/30
  4. Think i want full width bumper- help me decide

    Deer are a huge problem here. Not sure a full width would help any more than a stubby. For what it is worth, I just installed a Reaper Gravestone. Seriously nice bumper.
  5. Basic install question

    I just did a new bumper on my Mojave this weekend. After doing the take off on mine, and looking at that bumper, I can give you a solid... "maybe?" It will really depend how far down and how deep that new bumper goes. You can remove the whole mojave bumper without touching the skid plate. So I...
  6. Reaper Gravestone bumper installed with Badlands winch on Mojave

    Installed the Reaper Gravestone F2 yesterday. Took probably 3 ours all told. This thing is rock solid, great bumper. Looks awesome too. Couple issues: Kyle at Reaper and I spoke, and they weren't sure about fitment on the Mojave, specifically the stock skid plate. It had to come off entirely...
  7. Best way to get stains out of this super light leather?

    Noticing the heavy blue jean bleed myself. Was going to start trying some standard cleaners this week
  8. MOJAVE Edition Gladiator JT Club

    Got this stubby bumper to fit on the Mojave. Still need to make some alterations to the stock skid plate to get it back on, but it works!
  9. STING GRAY Gladiator JT Club

    New stubby bumper really changes the whole look
  10. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Installed Reaper Gravestone F3 bumper with Badlands winch
  11. MOJAVE Edition Gladiator JT Club

    It really does look great! I'm not sure it would work with any other color, but with that blue it looks sick!
  12. Has anyone tried Flip Your Lid?

    Looks pretty cool, but I would be very worried about scratching
  13. Glad(iator) Dogs! Let's see 'em!

    love Giant Schnauzers. I am especially at a point in my life tho where i need a dog that needs minimal grooming, ha. Corsos are an amazing breed, really fallen in love with them
  14. Most common tools needed to work on the gladiator

    Hands down the most convenient for me has been a cordless 3/8 ratchet wrench. I have this one: ACDelco ARW1209P I use it to take the hard top off in half the time, also good for lug nuts and a lot of other nuts and bolts on the Jeep.
  15. Glad(iator) Dogs! Let's see 'em!

    She should. My last Corso was ~115 lbs
  16. 6 X 6 Gladiator!!!!

    No joke, my wife woke up this morning and described she had a dream where "we were on the road and stopped for gas and there was a truck with extra wheels and it was super long and you just had to have it and I was so angry cause we just got this Jeep." And now I see this today... and I have...
  17. What to plan for... keeping back hard top off extended period.

    Mud mats, and had to take the plug out a few times. Caught in some real rain, but never for very long. First time it feels real weird and scary, but the Jeep was ok. Once, the radio just didnt work right during the rain, but was fine the next day.