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  1. My 2020 JTR Dual Color Gladiator Build

    How long is the base plate of the sports rack?
  2. My 2020 JTR Dual Color Gladiator Build

    Nice!!! Just planning to do a 2 tone as well. Wanted to paint the grill, hood, roof, bed cover and tailgate the same color to make a 2 tone look but yours is perfectly lined from the hood to the back. Now you're confusing me.
  3. JP's Super-Duper-Gladiator Build Thread answered all my questions...thanks a lot...;)
  4. JP's Super-Duper-Gladiator Build Thread

    Do you mind measuring the length of the base of the roll bar? And do you think it's possible to installed narrowly? Is the top bar level to the hard top (or the basket is)? Just figuring out if this can bolt on to a diamondack cover. Thanks
  5. Maximus-3 trifecta of rack solutions for the Jeep Gladiator

    Can it be an option to have an add-on cross beam (U-shape) at the very end of the lower lateral bars that's leveled with the front cross bar? Maybe a quick release set-up for when you need a full rack for kayaks, tents, and more but can be removed when you want just look cool 90% of the time...;)
  6. Living with DIamondback HD hard tonneau?

    Do you mind measuring the beam support of the panel? LxWxH if possible. just wanna how high (thick) the beam support are. Thanks in advance.
  7. Diamondback HD

    Do you guys mind if you can give me a measurement of the beam the supports the bed panels? LxWxH if possible...Thanks in advance.
  8. JP's Super-Duper-Gladiator Build Thread

    did you mount this on your bed rail?
  9. Maximus-3 Gladiator Build [SEMA 2019]

    this is why until now I haven't bought any rack and cover and still putting my groceries inside the cab when doing two store at a time...I hope this wait is worth
  10. Maximus-3 Gladiator Build [SEMA 2019]

    I'm curios on this as well. Or they can include a detachable cross bar (U-shape) at the back of the low parallel bars with maybe c-clamp style quick release for when you need a full height rack. Then you can mount parallel bars on top for strength and be use for tents, lumbers, kayaks, etc. It...
  11. BLACK Gladiator JT Club

    Did you run your stock rims on 37s before changing rims? For how long?
  12. BLACK Gladiator JT Club

    What Back spacing do you have? Any rubbing?
  13. Anyone Running 37’s on a Max Tow???

    There you go...this and ironrock 2" spacer lift (to maintain the factory rake for towing) and I'm good to go. Maybe stock rims for a while before buying a wider rims...I'll post mine soon...thanks for the ideas...keep it coming...;)
  14. Anyone Running 37’s on a Max Tow???

    Yeah I got the Sport S with Max tow 4.10. Now I'm definitely going with 37s now, either Ironman or Milestar. Any thoughts on that?
  15. Sport S on 37’s???

    How much wheel spacer you think you need to clear full lock? We got a tight boat launch and I need the full lock to maneuver out of it.
  16. Anyone Running 37’s on a Max Tow???

    wow...I saw you're setup on that rig, how's the Ironman tires doing? What can you say about it? Are you DDing your Gladiator? Sorry for too much question here but my 3 day old baby is in need of a shoe...;) Which one you prefer, 35s or 37s?
  17. Anyone Running 37’s on a Max Tow???

    Do you mind posting some photos with the new 37s? Better with the boat following it again...;)
  18. bigger tires on unlifted Sport S

    Thanks. I think I might go this route since I'm not gonna rock crawl mine and planning to just add iron rock 2 1/2" spacer lift until the 3 yr warranty and start getting crazier from there. But wheel spacers is a must to clear. I hope the towing is not gonna be that bad. What setup are running...