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  1. Mark's Gobi Mojave Build Featuring Custom Spare Tire Mount Baja Style

    It's definitely improved since our winter snow trip. The back to back runs at hidden falls show what an improvement 37s are for the mojave. The fact that you didn't have to change suspension is very impressive. You had no rubbing on the runs I thought you would have. Can't wait to spend more...
  2. Tonneau Covers and Bed Racks

    There are 2 bolts holding the top to the side rails. Once those are removed the top comes off. The 2 side rails where removed next. There are 2 fasteners at the cab end and 2 at the tailgate end for each rail. Once those 3 items are removed, the sports bar gets installed. To reinstall the...
  3. Tonneau Covers and Bed Racks has a nice bed rack. I helped a friend install it with the factory hard tri fold cover.
  4. Flat Towing - Backing Up

    The problem with backing up is the front wheels turn the wrong way and begin to plow. I have been successful with a passenger help to guide it, and 2 way radios. We did this only as a proof of concept and learning experience. It is not practical at all. When backing up, watch your toad in the...
  5. 2020 Mojave with Maximus3 bed rails

    Thanks -- The bed rails really help make this gladiator look much better. My friend ordered the factory folding hard cover shown here: The 2 side rails where removed, and the Maximus-3 hardware installed. Then the rails where cut at front and back to go around the weld. They sit on top of the...
  6. 2020 Mojave with Maximus3 bed rails

    Today I helped a friend install his Maximus 3 Bed rails on his Mojave along with Ace Rick Sliders. Turned out rely good. We did a bit of extra fabrication in order to keep the factory bed cover fully functional. The only feature lost is the ability to fold it all the way up against the glass.