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  1. Incentives for May 2021 (Memorial Day Event Updates)

    I’m not exactly sure how this works. Last week rubicon in my zip was $3000 till 6/1. Now it’s $2750 till 6/1.
  2. What price shenanigans have you seen dealerships do?

    I’ve never ordered a vehicle before now but have bought plenty of new and used cars off the lot. So far my experience with Turtle Click has been straight forward. Just in a waiting phase now. Going back to the topic at hand, here’s a few things I’ve experienced: 1. holding your keys after...
  3. Diesel cost

    What is the cost per gallon in Florida?
  4. Diesel cost

    Eagerly waiting for my Rubi Diesel. Snapped this photo. Diesel is generally cheaper than regular gas here (Although I’m sure both expensive relativel speaking). Is this the same in your areas?
  5. Let’s see granite crystal jt’s with aftermarket wheels please

    looks like you are the on,y one that’s posted these wheels here. They look good. Any comments on them? How are they holding up?
  6. Looking for steel spare rims

    Trying to collect a set of 4 Steel spare rims For my up coming rubi diesel build. If you have one you would like to let go of for free or for cheap, let me know. I’m in N.San Diego Co. And willing to drive 50ish miles. BTW, I think the Mojave spare rim is a different offset. Not looking for...
  7. Delete

    No longer looking...
  8. VIN assigned in 3 days time

    😳 what did you order? Just the frame?
  9. Body Shop recs in or near San Diego

    Bummer. Sorry to see that. I’ve got no recommendations on shops BUT...
  10. Free headliner tip

    Let me know if anyone else try’s this and what you think. I also had a small noise coming from the interior I picked up on after my little mod. i reinstalled all the door hinge bolts. No more rattle.
  11. Free headliner tip

    It does, but adding the towel does even more.
  12. Midlife Crisis? Hemi Conversion

    Dare I ask, what’s that mid life crisis going to set you back? whatever it costs, I’m sure it would be cheaper than a mistress.
  13. Free headliner tip

    For those of you that run a mesh screen like spiderweb shade under your hard top, I have a great tip. I put a beach towel between the freedom top and the shade. It’s noticeably quieter and cooler. I can’t even see the towel. I don’t have a sound meter but I am confident it’s much quieter. Cuts...
  14. Different offset on rims?

    Older post but do you have pics of your setup? Any issues with 35s on steel spare rims?
  15. RSI Smartcap

    Hmm, this seems like a safety issue? Most caps and new vehicle trunks have a safety latch inside, No? Just in case the mafia picks you up...
  16. The bed outlet... anyone use it?

    TFL did a review on it. Want able to run much. As noted above, charge batteries is best. Can the inverter be upgraded?
  17. VIN assigned in 3 days time

    Vin # >24 hours!
  18. Incentives for May 2021 (Memorial Day Event Updates)

    My region moved to 6/1. Hopefully the extend it again for when my order comes in.
  19. aFe scorcher

    How’s the foot? How’s the gladiator?
  20. SOCAL Gladiator meet/trail run

    What’s FB?