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  1. Can I add the 35s without a lift on Willy's Edition?

    Yes, 35s will fit. There's several videos on YouTube about this.
  2. Jeep Adventure Academy--Llano Photos

    Where is this trail and is it open to the public??
  3. Spare tire worth the upgrade?

    Probably depends on if your Gladiator is a mall crawler or use it for exploring. Don't wanna be in the thick of it and stuck with a 31 in street tire trying to get through mud and ruts. I plan to upgrade mine.
  4. Curiousity poll

  5. Clutch problem

    I have the same noise in mine. Seems to happen more often with higher revs or quicker shifts. I've even had it happen coming out of first and second too. No idea what it is. Doesn't happen all the time. Nothing seems to be not working, just making a noise.
  6. Labor pricing to install 2" MOPAR lift?

    My son works at a Jeep dealer, I asked him the same question. He said they charge $25 an hour for 8 hours. Not sure why it would take that long. Check different dealers. The 4 hours sounds more believable.
  7. What do you keep behind the rear seat?

    I have a soft top so I keep a blanket there. When I take out the back window, I flip it over, lay it in the blanket, and store it behind the seat.
  8. First Jeep

    First Jeep

  9. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    is that stock height??
  10. Key Fob Follies

    I have manual door locks so I have to take out this gaudy thing, unlock the door then just put it back in my pocket because there isn't a key start option. Its just …..odd!!
  11. Spare tire storage

    Has anyone tried, what the largest tire you can fit in the spare tire area under the truck.
  12. Compete system shut down

    I watched this vid the other day, the guy says you have to have the computer flashed after the install. Its for the JL but might be relevant. Not sure if that's your issue, just a thought.