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  1. Eco diesel Suspension bottoming out on normal roads

    your bumper/winch setup is what I’m looking to do as well. I’m thinking it’ll need at least a 2” lift
  2. Eco diesel Suspension bottoming out on normal roads

    No I don’t. I can tell you that when they removed the boots from the original shocks, they said there was oil leakage inside the boots and that the seals had failed.
  3. Eco diesel Suspension bottoming out on normal roads

    So… my local dealer has had my JTRD going on 5 weeks for this issue. They’ve had an engineer driving it and recommending fix actions. Right now, that fix action consists of a new set of shocks. unfortunately, the shocks are in production, haven’t been shipped, and with no ETA. Until they...
  4. Jeep Adventure Academy--Llano Photos

    How do you get notified of these events? I would have loved to have gone (if I knew about it with enough time to get in), and it’s just up the road from San Antonio.
  5. 6000lb Travel Trailer Towing?

    I don’t have any bounce. It’s really solid. That said, certain bridges do introduce a rhythmic bouncing that isn’t fun at highway speeds.
  6. Texas JT OEM soft top still in box - never used - $1600

    Here is a photo of the box:
  7. Texas JT OEM soft top still in box - never used - $1600

    I can provide a photo of the box wrapped in the original plastic wrapping, or I can find someone else’s photo of a soft top... but I bought the truck with the dual top group, and I’m not going to put the soft top on. It’s just taking up space right now, and it’s better that it goes to someone...
  8. Ecodiesel Rubicon Fox Shocks Insufficient

    Same topic, different thread...
  9. 6000lb Travel Trailer Towing?

    Here you go:
  10. EcoDiesel engine temp when towing

    JTRD Towing at near max capacity (two adults, two kids, about 300lbs in the bed, approx 5500 lb trailer) — and no I was not holding the phone nor taking the photos. The passenger was.
  11. Tow Mirrors - Thorn-Engineering Adapters & Rampage JK Tow Mirrors

    By the way, my Morris with the Thorn adaptors worked AWESOMELY!!! Well done!
  12. Adaptive Cruise Control: yay or nay?

    Double and triple YAY!! I love ACC on my gladiator, I use it all the time - even while towing. that said, it’s not as good as my old F-150’s ACC.
  13. Northwest OHV today!

    Overall thoughts... 1. It’s way smaller than the map makes it out to be. 2. The trails are not well marked (meaning they’re not marked at all). I had no idea what trail I was on, which meant I had no idea what level of difficulty the trail was 3. They need more toilets! I wanted to be out...
  14. Northwest OHV today!

    I’m heading out for our first off-road adventure with my gladiator!
  15. 6000lb Travel Trailer Towing?

    Here you go: sorry it took so long.
  16. Get a duck yet?

    I got DUCKED!!! at the Ft Worth stockyards
  17. A.R.E. CX EVOLVE CAP installed

    I appreciate it, and I’ll check it out! EDIT: the Classic, Evolve and HD are three different and mutually exclusive models apparently