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  1. Chip shortage myth?

    It’s the same with ordering say audio equipment - I’m at 3-4 weeks wait time for the amp I’m buying for my gf’s living room. Similar conversations with car audio places for the head unit I’m trying to get into my 14 yr old Bimmer (finally decided I needed CarPlay to replace that 3 lines of...
  2. Mopar tube door mirrors -- installed pics finally

    Habit of a former long-time city dweller, I want to lock valuables down :) Not that I would park my Jeep in the city with tube doors overnight, but I have the Bolt hood lock and gas cap lock for when I go up to Boston for a week and park it on the street.
  3. Mopar tube door mirrors -- installed pics finally

    Very nice. I thought these mirrors were just an Urban Legend ;-) Now if only Mopar would make locks for the tube doors...
  4. Heavy Duty Cooling

    The max towing weights and max tongue weights for each Gladiator model for each transmission type are in the owners manual. In the 2021 manual, the table starts on pg 205 (screenshots below). (In the 2020 manual the table is on pg. 263, but the 2020 manual doesn't have the Diesel engine listed)...
  5. MB Quart announced 'Purposely Engineered Jeep Tuned Audio Kits' at Jeep Beach 2021

    FYI in the JL forum there’s also an audio thread with initial impressions on the MB Quarts:
  6. MB Quart announced 'Purposely Engineered Jeep Tuned Audio Kits' at Jeep Beach 2021

    Great to have more choices. Article at CE Outlook: "MB Quart announced new vehicle-specific audio kits at Jeep Beach 2021 here. The new Purposely Engineered Jeep Tuned Audio Kits are designed for Jeep Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT...
  7. 6 X 6 Gladiator!!!!

    Black Rhino Arsenal look similar - which I’ve read are similar to (based on?) Hutchinson military wheels.
  8. Speaker swap

    I didn't even know polarity testing was a thing till I started following Five Star Car Audio last year (Below 15min 18sec in, they use them a lot in their videos)
  9. Speaker swap

    I would say ‘no’ unless one starts cutting. When I tried a pair of Infinity 3-1/2” in the dash tweeter location that was already a tight fit (though an extremely easy install - with a 3-1/2" replacement one has to fiddle a bit with the orientation of the speaker and how to get the wiring...
  10. Anyone upgraded the 4" speakers in the sound bar?

    The Kicker 47KSC404 appear to fit the 4” mounting locations in the JL and JT Soundbar even though Crutchfield doesn’t have them as a match. See the reviews:
  11. Speaker swap

    So do I. I went through the whole ‘buy upgrade speakers from Crutchfield’. Tried out just Infinity Reference 3.5 in the dash. Jeep stationary, it sounded great. At highway speeds, with the noise, I was getting so much mostly reflected treble off the windshield it was just painful to my ears...
  12. First long trip review + gas mileage/gas tank rant

    21 mpg max on highway is what I’m getting recently. 2020 JT Overland factory street tires 3.73, hard top, tonneau cover, at approx 5K miles 4 months in. I drive from the Jersey Shore to Boston and back maybe once a month 550 miles round trip. 65-75+ mph in general on highways, passing...
  13. Anyone upgrade sound systems? Amps, speakers etc?

    I can vouch for the headliners with the sound assassin strips - made a noticeable difference. I’m definitely thinking more sound deadening is in the cards - on floors and behind subwoofer. Doing it in the doors I’m a little wary of - seems like a PITA to get into.
  14. Speaker Upgrade?

    When I test drove the JLU and JT earlier this year, my impression was that the audio in the JT sounded ‘better’. I’m guessing this was because the JT cab is smaller. As in, a smaller sealed cabin without the noise coming from the rear area (in the JLU). I did notice the audio also improved...
  15. JT - Jeep must haves from Harbor Freight

    I love their camo moving blankets. Hard to beat for 10.99. Dog loves it, great for protecting your seats or transporting items in the bed.
  16. 8 Speed Behavior

    I love the 8 speed in the JT - it's great for high speed driving on the highway. ZF makes great transmissions - it's a huge improvement over the trans in my old 2014 JKU. My 2007 BMW 335 has the ZF 6HP and it's super smooth - I treat that thing like a manual trans.
  17. Anyone recommend a dash cam for Gladiator?

    Useful article, though a JK obviously. Discussion of a JK Blackvue DR650GW-2CH install
  18. Anyone recommend a dash cam for Gladiator?

    I'm thinking of getting a dual channel Thinkware FA200 dual channel for my yet to be delivered Sting Gray JT Overland. has a Father's Day sale going on, so I may pull the trigger. They do regular reviews. For example - Best Dash Cams of 2020 | Part 2: Budget Alternatives...