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  1. So how many Mojave owners have had steering issues or the box replaced?

    I still have had the issue and I have a July 2020 build. It only bothers me on longer drives. I have an open service claim with my dealer trying to get the box replaced.
  2. Survey- For those with misfire issues

    Yea I saw that. I really hope they can figure this out. I don't want to give this Jeep up, it's my dream build and color. Wow, this is later than mine. I wonder if you are the latest build to date to have this happen? I am curious about what they do for us since the TSB is out of our build...
  3. Survey- For those with misfire issues

    Hey everyone! New to the threads and new to Jeep. Rolled 1000 miles and that damn check engine light came on and asking to service the start/stop. Confirmed with my dealer today that it was multiple cylinder misfires and was put on a list for a courtesy car while they dig into it. Cannot believe...
  4. Swapping the Mojave plastic bumper with the Mopar steel bumper

    This looks amazing! I will be doing this exact modification in the near future! Thanks for the motivating pictures!
  5. Confirmed: SOME 2020 JT's built on 8/14 (2020) and after got the Steel Steering box

    Bigdavepz, I just got my Mojave and have about 1000 miles on it! I am new to the forums as well, and this is my first jeep. I am experiencing EXACTLY what you are while on the interstate at higher speeds. This forum I have posted below has the most information about the TSB. I think I will be...
  6. Check Engine Light

    Hey guys I am new to the threads and this is my first jeep. I have a 2020 Mojave that just rolled 1000 miles. My check engine light came on yesterday, checked my gas cap and it was on tight, so I made an appointment with my dealer. This afternoon the light is gone. Any ideas? Will Jeep still be...