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  1. Rear seat recline kit

    Thanks. There is nothing under the seat. It's mainly the upright position she complained about. I was surprised because she can ride in the back of our 86 westy for hours without saying a thing. Need to find a solution to this cause I plan to use JT for road trips this summer. I wonder...
  2. Rear seat recline kit

    My daughter complained about how her back hurts after riding in the rear seat today :facepalm:. I wonder whether there are any rear seat recline solution for JT similar to the one for JL. Thanks, Michael
  3. Big Sur Overland Trip Pictorial

    I am contemplating between b/w Kimbo and Phoenix for the same reasons. I feel with Phoenix it may be easier to find parking in the cities and less drag cruising on the interstates.
  4. Big Sur Overland Trip Pictorial

    Ditto. I also own a 86 westy and would like to know how do they compare :).
  5. Big Sur Overland Trip Pictorial

    Noice. This is what I am looking for. Is your camper fitted with electric roof lift? It looks quite different from the other Phoenix camper I've seen before.
  6. Big Sur Overland Trip Pictorial

    I thought Phoenix camper has electric roof lift by default. Is there an option to use manual lift instead? What is the dry weight of the camper?