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  1. What do u have coming in the mail?

    Gator Tunneau cover no idea when, Oracle Oculus switchbacks (next week), Oracle flush mount taillights(2 months), and LED fog bulbs, DRL and turn signal bulbs(arriving tomorrow).
  2. Am I being an Ahole? What would you do?

    All this waiting crap is getting ridiculous already. I've got 4 things for the Gladiator on order and maybe something will be here on the 18th. It's almost as if the sellers don't want to stock anything and just order when they have a bunch of cash for the same part. OPMs
  3. NEW: Oculus Bi-LED Switchback Version

    Does that mean that the current DRL's in a max tow will not function with these lights installed? I am planning to keep the current fender lights for a while. Were you wanting the halo's to be lit while driving?
  4. The one that got away...

    Even more ironic is that I am a tennis fan also.
  5. The one that got away...

    1991 911 Turbo black black, sold to Boris Becker in 1996 right after he won the Australian open. Amazing car, loved the way it simmered at idle.
  6. NEW: Oculus Bi-LED Switchback Version

    1 more week to go, looking forward to getting these and even more so the flush mount tail lights whenever those ship.
  7. Scotch guard?

    I wonder if it will work with dog drool. I have the back seat with the hammock style cover rear to rear of front seats, but she is still able to catch the inner sides of the front seats. pita to clean.
  8. Would you purchase a 2020 without a warranty ?

    Incredible even hearing that statement in the west. Sick
  9. 285/75r17 Sport S Max Tow Question

    I have those Toyo's and are excellent. with the +1 fuels and poke is around 1" -2"out of a max tow fender. I think the factory Rubi rim is like +10 so it should be flush.
  10. Tonneau Cover Backorder??

    I just ordered that exact one from them. Wait is 20 days apparently. Beats waiting 3 months for flush tail lights.
  11. Gladiator Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Gladiator Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

    The maligators and dutchies love the Gladiators.
  13. Black fender flares instead of body color

    I do, Granite crystal goes great with the black imo.
  14. Manufacturers waiting on parts

    Exactly, that this along with the chip delays and then something else. It's the Covid effect. Couple that with the possibility of China being provocative and maybe having some similar delays. Before you know it, warranty deals sitting for months on end.
  15. Manufacturers waiting on parts

    This is the type of thing happening today with parts. When it rains it pours. Ship Carrying Auto Parts Sinks Off Japan Coast | ZeroHedge

    PM group buy code and price please, am interested.
  17. Dealer to avoid: Schumacher Chrysler/Jeep in Delray Beach FL

    Same here. The local Orlando/Kissimmee dealers suck although I find Greenway (45 mins away) to be pretty good with service so far, thankfully. I've learned with Jeep travel to find a better dealership is needed. lol
  18. NEW: Oculus Bi-LED Switchback Version + Limited Group Buy

    @ORACLElights Since you do not respond to emails, I will ask the main question here. Can you keep the factory DRLs while running the switchbacks? Or does one replace the other all together? If you can run both, will it require extensive wire splicing to do so? And not just plug and play?
  19. I hate thieves

    NY back in the 90s stereo theft and car theft was a daily thing so people would reinstall the stereos with razer blades on all the wires in the dash.
  20. I hate thieves

    I am looking for one of those, do you happen to have a link to yours?