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  1. Please tell me there's other soft top options

    Stop me, I can't resist your sales pitch on your "like new" soft top 😝
  2. RLD designs pic request

    Looks a little funny but even more functional as you can lock your stuff in the back.
  3. How do you clean the Gladiator?

    Brown Bear in the Seattle area. I don’t worry too much about pin-striping as its white and what I get on the trails is way worse than what they could do to it.
  4. Overall who's pretty pleased with the power output of their Gladiator

    I’ve owned three Jeeps with the 3.6. Not one has ever had an issue. The last two having the 8 speed are not race cars but have more than enough power. The JT with 37s and 4:88s always comes through with plenty of power on road and off. 17.5 mpg on the highway is impressive for 37s and a heavy...
  5. What did you expect from a JEEP?! (So, WHY did you buy a Jeep?!)

    I would be curious as to exactly why they banned him. His humor is great. But he did upset a few members.
  6. What did you expect from a JEEP?! (So, WHY did you buy a Jeep?!)

    Now there you go being thoughtful and logical 😀 It's so much easier to just complain, denigrate and not realize not everyone needs a full sized truck.
  7. What did you expect from a JEEP?! (So, WHY did you buy a Jeep?!)

    That is too weird to be real. Had to be rehearsed!
  8. So what did you name your Gladiator?

    You might be a Redneck!
  9. So what did you name your Gladiator?

    Only difference is the latter was on the eastern shore, great name!
  10. So what did you name your Gladiator?

    A hero in many minds I am sure, including mine! Thanks for honoring him!
  11. Newsflash: Overlands aren’t just Mall Crawlers!

    I get that but getting pulled out is easier than replacing an alternator or an engine. I think that’s why god invented winches and kinetic ropes. Have fu out there!
  12. How to spot a Mall Crawler

    I once typed dictated a text by saying, “Suzette is in row 6.” The phone spelled out, Suzette likes rough sex.” But I proofed it so I caught it. Then I sent it without correcting it.
  13. Newsflash: Overlands aren’t just Mall Crawlers!

    Cool picture but you‘ll be doing yourself a favor if you slow down and avoid that bow wave in the future, just sayin’.
  14. Immature Bronco “Adults” @ Moab

    One gets plenty of practice, “taking a measured and mature approach” these days.
  15. Immature Bronco “Adults” @ Moab

    I always slow way down when there is anyone along the trail (except maybe a Bronco😉) . It’s just the right thing to do. And what’s the big rush anyway?
  16. Immature Bronco “Adults” @ Moab

    You raise a great point. I generally stay away from forums as there is just too much negative nitpicking and rancor. While there is some on this forum, some justified some not, the positive far outweighs the negative. Which in today’s world is very refreshing. And by the way, my experiences with...
  17. Immature Bronco “Adults” @ Moab

    True enough, I am happy to say this is something I have not had the displeasure of experiencing.
  18. RLD designs pic request

    I had some leaks in the windows. I live in the NW so that's not good. Adventure Ready offered me the replacement instead of a repair. Which I thought was great of them. I like the look of the Gen 2 better, but that wasn't the primary reason for the change. Maybe there was a Gen 2 with the more...