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  1. Sport S build (3.5 Clayton - 20s on 38s)

    Nice! that fender chop looks great! I've gone back and forth on doing that or not. Did you do it yourself?
  2. Sport S build (3.5 Clayton - 20s on 38s)

    Was it a direct fit? or did you have to do some cutting and stuff yep - direct fit and I swapped out the hooks and foglights it came with and put in the oem ones. Only thing that people have reported were that the winch plate it comes with is thin. They recommend getting an aftermarket one.
  3. Sport S build (3.5 Clayton - 20s on 38s)

    Thanks! loving the lift kit! So I don't have lockers in yet, but yes they will be wired into those switches when the time comes. The export mirrors are tapped directly into my front DRLs. I actually have them set as running lights but either works. I plan on doing a small write up on themm...
  4. Sport S build (3.5 Clayton - 20s on 38s)

    Thanks!! I like to think its one of the best looking 😎 but you know everyone has different tastes. Like JTpoor was saying above your comment, working on the jeep and tinkering with it is one of the best parts of owning these!
  5. Sport S build (3.5 Clayton - 20s on 38s)

    1000% agree - I love the process and working on my own cars. I could never buy a car and not modify it (unless I was rich and got some super cars lol). But yeah, besides paint I did everything myself at home. Also good luck with your build! make sure to add it to your profile so I can come back...
  6. Sport S build (3.5 Clayton - 20s on 38s)

    Thanks! and paint/labor cost me $1100. I think if I paid with card it would've been like $1350-ish.... and yeah everything is nice and smooth, nothing that I have noticed as far as imperfections. The nice thing with the JT is that most of the roof is the top, so unlike the JL you don't have a...
  7. Sport S build (3.5 Clayton - 20s on 38s)

    So that was my original plan. I did sacrifice an oem rubicon switch panel to do it but got it on eBay for like $30. I tried using a latching switch and relay but turned out to be more work then I wanted. So currently the sway bar button is display only and I actually disconnect the sway with the...
  8. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    They are the EU OEM tails. There are a couple threads in the lightning section with all the info/part numbers
  9. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    It would depend on the lights I supposed but it makes sense, what you're saying. My lights stick out past the bracket so I wouldn't be able to put them down there. But if you get shorter lights, I don't see any problems.
  10. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    $1100 but that was the cash discount - think if paying by credit it was ~$1300
  11. Sport S build (3.5 Clayton - 20s on 38s)

    Had a local shop paint match my roof. Originally was the black textured so they sanded it down and hit it with a perfect match.
  12. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Had a local shop sand down and color match my textured black roof. Came out looking like it was painted from the factory.
  13. Texas AMP Bed Step - Broken in 4 months

    I don't have it but where did it break? That would be the biggest thing on getting a refund... did the actual step break? or did it rip off where it was supposed to be mounted?
  14. Write up for adding Euro spec rear fogs

    I got mine from Mouser
  15. Export Tail lights on NA Spec Gladiator

    I believe I tried most of that... didn't know that guide was there but it's nice to have. I worked with JSCAN directly for a week or so as well and he ended up telling me that he did the euro conversion but not with the OEM euro tails. I stopped troubleshooting as it was cold out and jscan kinda...
  16. New auxiliary switch bank

    Yeah so I used the old frame. I have a sport so I lucked out and found an OEM switch bank for $25 on ebay. Other then that, I took off the face plate of the LASFIT switches and I used a pick/screwdriver and dremel to get the RJ port out and then kept test fitting it and dremeling as needed. All...
  17. Export Tail lights on NA Spec Gladiator

    There's also an extra wire on the euros that gets wired to the BCM, so I don't think trying that with US tails would narrow anything down for us, but fresh idea's are always welcomed, thanks
  18. Sport S build (3.5 Clayton - 20s on 38s)

    Added on the KC lights (2 wide - 1 spot) on the bumper and some KC flex spots on the gatekeeper knuckle mounts.
  19. BRIGHT WHITE Gladiator JT Club

    took a couple photos the last two weekends. Getting so close to doors off weather!