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  1. Any Long Island JT owners?

    Looked at this group more than once and am intrigued, plus the meeting place is very close to home. How would you rate the difficulty of the trails? Newb on trails and would probably need to get a winch
  2. New York 4 Rubi Takeoffs

    Wow looks like a completely different truck. I recommend running them at like 35-36 PSI for the smoothest ride. You got a great deal
  3. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Yea so not sure what you meant on your original par. My post said that the premium and non premium speakers were the same, which they are. Nothing premium about the speakers in the gladiator.
  4. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    What are the 2 speakers you’re showing me here? The all black speakers look like what are in the sound bar, and yea I’ve confirmed they’re the same as the ones in the soundbar without premium audio. That 2nd much nicer looking speaker looks like the kicker upgrade. Is that right?
  5. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Just so you know the speakers aren’t premium at all if it makes you feel better replacing them. The premium part of the system is just the sub and amp. The speakers themselves are the same across all Audio packages. They suck equally
  6. New York 4 Rubi Takeoffs

    Offerup also had some for sale a few months ago if you wanted to look there as well. That’s where I ended up selling mine
  7. New York SOLD Mopar soft tonneau cover

    Wow that was a pretty close assumption, only a few towns away. Ok I’ll circle back in a few to see if I can maybe make it happen
  8. New York SOLD Mopar soft tonneau cover

    Also interested in this. I’m on Long Island so that would be a bit of a hike so interested in what shipping would be. Probably about the same as the cost of our toll system lol
  9. New York 4 Rubi Takeoffs

    Hey Joe, these were sold. Sorry bud
  10. The last Gladiator Tailgate Badge You Will Ever Need!

    Anyone jump in and let me know if the orange on Mojave is different than Punk’n? Thinking of doing black wrap and then Mojave lettering, but not sure it’ll match right with the Punk’n JT
  11. 37’s and 4:10’s

    So now that I’ve got the truck to a place where I like it, time to get a boat. running 37’s, ready lift spacers, and stock Rubi 4.10’s. who’s towing with this setup, what are you towing, what weight are you towing, and how ya feeling towing it? I figure with a 19-22 foot boat size I’m looking...
  12. Texas Magnuson Supercharger

    Assuming this would be a fortune to ship?
  13. Texas Magnuson Supercharger

    Just bought his Tazer, but part of me wants to go all in and just take everything attached to his truck lol
  14. The last Gladiator Tailgate Badge You Will Ever Need!

    is this the black and red or grey and red? Can’t really tell for sure. The original Jeep is grey on the back but I’d think black and red will match my rubicon vinyl better overall.
  15. The last Gladiator Tailgate Badge You Will Ever Need!

    following cause that looks badass
  16. Gorilla Glass

    just searched for the HGP and says it’s not available yet. Do you have ACC?
  17. Gorilla Glass

    yea I saw Quadratec is offering pre-order. Wasn’t sure if it was available elsewhere already
  18. Gorilla Glass

    Anyone successfully get their windshield replaced with gorilla glass through an insurance claim? Got the 3rd chip and now I’m done and ready to replace. also, bonus points, but I also have crystal fusion on my windshield and am wondering if that could cause issues with the Corning coating if I...
  19. Rokblokz phone number? Front flaps dont fit and I am not happy

    do you have a pic now with the rokblockz and the exhaust? Those are the next 2 upgrades and I know josh from afe said we needed to grind down the bracket. Just want to see what the finished product looked like
  20. What do YOU do to make your Gladiator last forever.

    The average person in their 50’s has much more than that in their savings. Closer to 120k.