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  1. Another small truck… Maverick

    Just what everyone's ever wanted, a Ridgeline Vs Maverick battle!
  2. Setting up for camping

    No, KB Voodoo.
  3. Setting up for camping

    That's the biggest downside of it, it's about 64" in the storage bag so just doesn't fit. Can squeeze in diagonal, but eats up all the bed space then. I have crossbars so I strap it on top.
  4. Setting up for camping

    Good thing about the T8 is that the pack size is somehow not much bigger than the t4. After getting one yes i'm a total fanboy. Trying to get my brother in law to get one too lol
  5. Setting up for camping

    Gazelle T4 if you need the size, T3 if you're a light camper. The tent goes up an down so easy and it's very tough. T3 will fit in the bed, but T4 you'll need to mount and secure on top of the bed. It's about 30lbs so you'll need to be able to handle that, but it's manageable. Good luck with the...
  6. Bed cover with rack

    Posting just FYI. Bestop E-Z Roll and KB Voodoo high rise bars work fine.
  7. 9 Day SouthEast Camping Trip Adventure in our Gladiator

    Awesome to hear. I only touched the Tip of the iceberg in Dahlonega. There's Georgia Traverse, Beasley Knob (Jeeb Badge Trail) and Iron Mountain park all near by to name a few! I don't know much about Murphy, but I know it's out West and there's plenty to do there. I can't compliment this...
  8. 9 Day SouthEast Camping Trip Adventure in our Gladiator

    Looks like I went just in time. Heat and dry wave heading our way this week!
  9. RTT vs "Adventure" trailer

    I think it depends on your exploring area. I'm out East, in Florida. We don't have vast areas to just setup and camp in the wild. Mostly everything is designated. If we go out of state, there's more options, but I'm driving 7+ hours just to get to the mountains, so I'm less keen on a trailer...
  10. Gasser real world fuel economy

    Don't have recorded stats, but I observe my mileage all the time. I'm in a stock JTR Automatic. Here's my experiences in flat, trafficky South Florida: Short drives to the store/school all week long - 12-14mpg Flowing city commutes (10 or so miles)- 17-19mpg Flowing Highway commutes (50-65...
  11. 9 Day SouthEast Camping Trip Adventure in our Gladiator

    Flawless in the rain. The top corners of the windows are covered by the fly so you can still crack the windows open towards the top so the rain coming off the fly won't come in. They actually open from the inside and are connected at the bottom of the window, so if some water gets through the...
  12. Powerstation to use with bed outlet (Jackery, etc)

    I'm in the same boat, but you missed one thing. Leaving the car in Acc or Run (but without engine running) will keep the power running to the back. There's a 30 minute limit with Acc though, not sure about Run. Will at least keep it running while you step out for gas, lunch, etc. That said, I...
  13. 9 Day SouthEast Camping Trip Adventure in our Gladiator

    Set off on our first extended, multi stop, camping trip from South Florida with the Gladiator with stops in Dahlonega in Ga, Bryson City in NC, and finally a Airbnb in Asheville, NC to comfortably finish off the trip. Nine days total, exploring areas I've quickly seen on Mountain Bike trips...
  14. Suggestions on a 5lb Propane bottle mount?

    Interested as well. I just strap mine to cargo basket while transporting. There's one bracket mount out there, but want to see more creative options.
  15. Cooking while overlanding.

    I go with Coleman Triton 2 burner. I go with "kitchen box" packing. One large Plano Sportsman trunk and fit everything except the table in there. I use one of those GSI Outdoors cooking table and then the small Plano box for dry foods. Will fit in the bed of the truck end to end and the table...
  16. Tops! Canopy / covers / toppers / racks possibilities for Gladiator - Show me!

    Just getting started with Camping setup. Voodoo Crossbars and Mopar Soft Trifold (came with the truck) cover. Will soon be swapping to factory rollup or Rugged Ridge Soft Rollup, but this works to start. Rack left some gaps in the tonneau seal so used weather seal strips to close up the open...
  17. Used Rubicon Fair Price

    Lol yeah it was on hold for purchase real quick. It fell though and he jumped on it and made it happen. I was in same boat for a Max Tow build. Best we could find was a nicely built one at about 46k. Then this Rubi showed up and after running a few numbers on mods to the Sport S the Rubi just...
  18. Used Rubicon Fair Price

    Dropping info for reference. A buddy just got a 8k mile (or so) Launch Edition for 49k (sticker) on Carvana. Last month I got a loaded Rubi (Original 59k sticker, really only missing camera and color match fenders) with 2500 miles for 48k. I'm not a dealer defender, I think the value at that...
  19. South Florida Gladiator Club

    Popped cherry at Lazy Springs today!
  20. Gladiator Review by TFL: Great and Awful Things We Learned After 6 Months

    Cliff Notes. Typocal TFL Apples to Watermelons review. I'm not a Jeep fanboy going to defend everything negative, but these guys constantly put half ass reviews. Towing at the absolute limit and complaining about mileage. Most other reviews they stay off the tow limit. Complaining about nowhere...