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  1. Dealer issues with 35" tires

    When I bought my JKU, I asked the service manager (at the selling dealer) how much of a lift I could put on, and what size tires I could go to without being refused service. I was told "less than a 3" lift and smaller than 35" tires, otherwise we won't touch it..." I read on forums at that time...
  2. Short Antennas

    I went with the Ronin Factory 4". Have put that antenna on a few vehicles. Reception drops drastically, and as someone else mentioned, it's really dependent on your location. That being said, I may have used AM/FM once this year, so It doesn't bother me at all. If that's your concern, download...
  3. Optional Equipment Vs. Aftermarket Equipment

    The other factor to take into account with aftermarket spray liner, is downtime. If convenience is a factor, get it sprayed from the factory, otherwise you will be without your JT for a few days.
  4. Anyone move from a fullsize pickup to a Gladiator and regret it?

    Exactly this. I went from a 2018 Ford F-150 Crew Cab, and here is what I *occasionally* miss: 1. Interior space; when I'm loaded up with the wife, the kiddo, and two dogs to head to the cabin, it's tight. Luggage definitely goes in the bed. 2. Cruising at highway speeds: 80-85 mph was a breeze...
  5. Question about 3.5 rough country suspension lift

    I personally have always went straight to the alignment shop after installing any lift kit, and it has always worked for me. I've never heard to wait a few hundred miles- if that were the case, I'd expect a lot of new vehicles to be out of alignment after a few hundred miles, right off the...
  6. No Haynes manual yet?

    I would go with a factory service manual instead. You can get electronic versions of them now, and they pack a lot more info than Haynes. Quite a bit pricier, though.
  7. Word to the wise when buying parts from private parties

    Yeah, Craigslist is definitely a roll of the dice, and I try to be the same way with my postings- clear and concise. I hear that Facebook marketplace produces better results, but this is as close to social media as I get.
  8. Word to the wise when buying parts from private parties

    Yeah, this is the first time it’s happened in years of buying parts from private parties, where I only got half the product. Just figured my story may save someone else some heartache. Just glad I didn’t disassemble anything prior.
  9. Word to the wise when buying parts from private parties

    So I’ve been dragging my feet when it comes to buying a lift because I’m being a cheap bastard, and history has taught me that I can *usually* wait it out and find a good deal on whatever I’m looking to buy. While doing my daily Craigslist troll yesterday, I come across a 2” Mopar lift (with...
  10. Show me your furry Co-Pilots.

    Caught one of them with crazy eyes today
  11. How do you guys carry your kayaks?

    this is what I do, but I don’t have pics.
  12. Florida Rubicon Suspension

    I know this is a week premature, but I’ll be installing a Mopar lift next weekend, and once I do, I’ll sell my Rubi suspension if anyone is interested. ~25k miles. Make me an offer. I’m back and forth between the Tampa and Gainesville areas.
  13. Bug removal

    I live in FL and this is my “go to” for our love bug seasons.
  14. So do they want the truth?

    When I worked for corporate GM, dealer surveys were reviewed by the manufacturer. Customer satisfaction (on both the sales and service side) essentially have an affect on that dealer's "relationship" with the manufacturer, i.e. what type of inventory they can get, when they can order it, etc. In...
  15. Has this happened to others?

    Yep- I get it frequently. Even had a drunk hobo outside of a gas station bombard me with questions about mine this past weekend. Wait, can I still say "hobo" in today's world?
  16. Gladiator vs Bronco.

    Thanks, for the info. I'll confirm once ours arrives (whenever that is, lol). We did get a vin about a month ago, so.....
  17. Gladiator vs Bronco.

    Whoa, KIA ain't coming off the pocketbook too easy! I'm definitely going to explore the tranny situation before my wife's bronco arrives, since you brought it to my attention. Maybe I was naive in assuming the 10 speed in the bronco would be the same as the F150's, but you know how...
  18. Gladiator vs Bronco.

    My wife actually tells people that I was like a kid on Christmas when I was doing the paperwork for my Rubi. By far my favorite vehicle I have ever owned.
  19. Gladiator vs Bronco.

    I believe we sat in the same two vehicles as well.