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  1. Real world MPG, what are you getting in your Diesel?

    Here is today’s run. Up over three mountain passes. One at 10,000ft. Mixed speeds 65-40 mph. 3.73 gears on 2021 Rubicon with 2” Mopar lift and 35x12.5 tires. It just keeps getting better. The range is great at around 600 miles per tank
  2. The fuel mileage just gets better.

    This was just rolling into town on pavement. I usually always run with the traction control off.
  3. The fuel mileage just gets better.

    Today we took a drive up over a couple Mountian passes to 10,000ft. We stared with a full tank and just as we were about home I took this pic. ❤ our EcoDiesel. (2” Mopar lift on 35s) EDIT: I was mainly posting this so that others could see the range of the tank. This is the best I have seen so...
  4. Big Sur Overland Trip Pictorial

    The Syncro has only a couple hundred miles on it this year. The Gladiator over 11k. That probably sums up my answer.
  5. Big Sur Overland Trip Pictorial

    As you know I love my Syncro. But I am after an overlanding rig that is more capable on and off the road. The pop-top camper is very much the same as sleeping in a Westy tent. I got spoiled once we installed the Hightop. So much quieter and better insulation. So I am back to noise but there is...
  6. Winter Wheelin

    Here is a couple of clips from last winter in Utah. We love winter too!
  7. Big Sur Overland Trip Pictorial

    Nope this is a 2014 model. These are custom built for the owners. I like not having the extra weight of a motorized lift. But they would come in handy with a snow load on the top. We remodeled the interior, added the Dometic DZ65, installed an additional Diesel Heater, and made some other...
  8. Fuel capacity, 18 gal?

    When I know I am heading out for a long trip without fuel stops, I will take the time to "RIM" the tank with fuel. I can usually get 3-4 more gallons in after the pump automatically stops. It is a slow process letting the foam settle down. But I usually get around 100 miles before the gauge...
  9. 16,000 mile EcoDiesel Gladiator review

    I have a little over 11K miles on the EcoDiesel so far. Absolutely love it! I only have a small enclosed trailer but we have a pop-up camper that we use when Overlanding. The mileage does take a hit for sure. Around 5mpg with the camper on. But I can still pull mountain passes here in Utah...
  10. Bypass Oil Filter System on your EcoDiesel?

    Has anyone installed a bypass oil filter on their EcoDiesel? I have heard they do a great job cleaning up the oil and promoting engine longevity. Here is one I am looking at. There is room down by the engine mounts for mounting the filter. The hose runs would be very short also...
  11. HPFP Ticking Noise??? (NOPE "they think" it is the alternator clutch)

    I took it to the dealer yesterday. After about 2 hours it was diagnosed as the clutch on the alternator. So they have overnighted a new alternator, belt, and tensioner just to make sure all the bases are covered. It is back in the shop this morning and going on the rack at 10:00am. They said it...
  12. 2021 Gladiator Rubicon real life MPG

    I am running 35s. No issues staying in high gear on all but really steep grades.
  13. 2021 Gladiator Rubicon real life MPG

    I decided when I ordered my Gladiator that I would document Mileage, Service, and Repairs for the life of the vehicle. Here is every drop of fuel that has been used along with MPG and Fuel Locations. I also Have a Pop-Up camper that we use to overland. I hope this can help a few of you as far as...
  14. Big Sur Overland Trip Pictorial

    1300 lbs wet and loaded for travel. But it really depends on how much water we load and what gear we take. I have removed the rear seats in the Gladiator and we carry most of our gear there. With the Mopar 2" lift, 35" E-rated tires, rear air bags, and a Hellwig rear sway bar, the Gladiator has...
  15. Big Sur Overland Trip Pictorial

    We went up from the south passing San Simeon on the Cabrillo Hwy
  16. Big Sur Overland Trip Pictorial

    Phoenix camper. Denver
  17. Big Sur Overland Trip Pictorial

    We recently had a great trip from Utah along Big Sur. It was still closed due to the slide. But it made for a great camping spot. Next to Highway 1. We love the pop up camper.
  18. HPFP Ticking Noise??? (NOPE "they think" it is the alternator clutch)

    My 2021 Ecodiesel has begun making this sound. I have narrowed it down to what I believe is the HPFP Bosch Pump. There is 11k miles on the engine. Thoughts anyone? It sounds very sporadic. Using a stethoscope I cannot hear the "tinny" ticking sound. Again your thoughts? UPDATE: I had it at the...