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  1. Recommendations for Wrap

    I really wished I wrapped my JT....
  2. South Cow Mountain OHV?

    For the NorCal folks interested in off-roading at South Cow Mountain OHV (Ukiah) I have been creating videos over the last year up there. There are great trails to be explored. If anyone is interested in joining us we try to make a trip out there every couple months or so. In fact this Sunday we...
  3. Death Valley 2020 Overlanding Trip

    Finally finished the completion of the Death Valley series. The tour of the Talc mine at our campsite was awesome. Very lucky that it wasn't locked up like I have seen in previous pics. This was our last day so we had to leave the mine for wide open vistas of Death Valley. It was a long trip...
  4. Death Valley 2020 Overlanding Trip

    Finally got to completing Part 4 of the series... one more to go! This one we continue our descent from Mengel Pass toward the geologist cabin & the striped butte. The cabin is a sight to see as it is fully stocked with food and amenities from travelers and volunteers alike! Great vistas of the...
  5. Death Valley 2020 Overlanding Trip

    Part 3 is complete! I had too much going on with Day 3 so I am going to have to break it up into 2 parts (3 & 4). It was pretty crazy as we almost rolled my friend's Doka. For the forum you can see in the same section of trail how the Gladiator with the lift and the sway bar disconnected...
  6. Big Sur Overland Trip Pictorial

    Wow great pictures! Looks fun! What camera do you use?
  7. Death Valley 2020 Overlanding Trip

    Thanks! Can't recommend DV enough. I only saw a small part of it which is crazy. It's a huge national park! So much to see!
  8. Maximum Picture Size?

    So through trial and error so far I have found that it doesn't seem to be a file size deal, but a picture size. I have put in a max 6" x 6" and that seems to work. @JAY do you know what the official size restriction is??
  9. Death Valley 2020 Overlanding Trip

    Part 2 of the trip. From the awesome campsite on top of the Slate Mountain Range we head into the Panamint Valley for even greater views. From the valley we enter inside the Panamint Mountains through Goler Wash. The canyon walls and natural spring is really amazing in such a harsh environment...
  10. Death Valley 2020 Overlanding Trip

    Some still photos from Part 1 and the campsite that made it all worth the PIA to get the trip started!
  11. Maximum Picture Size?

    I tried searching and couldn't find anything on what the maximum photo size we can post is? Like how many MB or kb?? I assume the length/width doesn't matter. Help would be appreciated!
  12. Death Valley 2020 Overlanding Trip

    Decent point that maybe the GoPro's wide angle distorts a lil making it appear to not have the backstop. There was a rolling hill/ridge in front us that we kept the targets on. That being said it can't hurt having more margin and taking a more downhill position. Can't be too careful these days.
  13. Nevada Backcountry Discovery Route

    Mark, what a great adventure! Looks like we have similar tastes in our listed vehicles and video making :like:
  14. Death Valley 2020 Overlanding Trip

    Thank you for the kind words! California has its crazy, but I am very thankful for the varied terrain and natural beauty we have! So much to explore!
  15. Has anyone disconnected the auto start stop on their Gladiator?

    About a month ago my ESS stopped working? The light will stay on even if I turn the car off. I actually don't mind the ESS because as @Sekgunnut stated I got used to lightly pressing when I didn't want it. Occasionally it works and most of the time it doesn't. It would be better for me if the...
  16. Death Valley 2020 Overlanding Trip

    I have been slacking on sharing my overlanding adventures with the forum. Here's my latest trip out to Death Valley via Trona. Here's part 1 which got off to slow/rough start... because it was 2020 so it had to be that way. After getting past a local fire we get our trip started to DV via...
  17. California Rubicon rock sliders

    Right on! Yep they sure are! Feel free to PM for details and connecting this week.
  18. California Rubicon rock sliders

    Bump $100 obo
  19. California Rubicon rock sliders

    The rock sliders are take offs from my rubicon. $150 OBO and local pick up. My mechanic said he would install them for $135 or you can just bolt them on yourself. Currently at his shop here in Santa Rosa, CA.