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  1. 4 extra gallons of gas

    I wouldn't be buying premium at any price..... just the cheap 87. Anyone have a reason otherwise?
  2. North Carolina F / S Stock ‘21 Rubicon lift components

    Just a tip to maybe help this deal, the factory control arms aren't needed unless buyer just wants an extra set, as those are the same on all stock trucks..... so not having to ship those would save a good bit as they are heavy and long. Please ignore me if Neil wants them, just trying to...
  3. free 6 months of OnX elite

    Looks cool, I've been using Gia as well. Curious, how do we enable the 6 months?
  4. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Got it from They sell brand new units setup for your VIN (you give it to them during check out) w/ the bezel, so no unlock code or anything needed. Just unplug the 5" or 7" unit and plug in the new 8.4". Super simple, worked great. Fast shipping too. Unit shipped out the...
  5. Cruise control won’t hold speed. Regear?

    drop to 4th gear...... 🙈;) I kid of course, but curious to see what others recommend. From previous builds, gears are king and make all the difference.
  6. So, what is everybody towing?

    Dump run on a Saturday morning with the fam.
  7. New Apex 12K Harbor Freight winch Install

    Great, thank you! That is exactly what I was hoping to hear! I'll snag one tomorrow.
  8. New Apex 12K Harbor Freight winch Install

    Apologies to dig up this old thread, but there is awesome info in here, thanks to you all! Just wanted to follow up, are you guys all still happy with the winch a year or so after your installs? Tempted to pick one up, my local HF has them in stock with the 20% coupon this weekend. I'll be...
  9. 8.4 Nav Retroactive Upgrade Install Questions

    Hey, not associated with them, but did order through, very happy with the experience. Shipped out next day They set the 8.4” up for my VIN, and was a simple unplug 5” and plug in 8.4”. I already had the XM option on the 5”, so didn’t need the antenna ($95). Everything is working...
  10. WILLYS Edition Gladiator JT Club

    Had it a couple months now, absolutely loving it!
  11. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Stuck on these little mirrors from Amazon I’ve seen others post. Actually do provide a little extra visibility, way better than no mirrors at all. Figured for so cheap would be nice to have if I’m ever out and about and pull the doors without my Rugged Ridge Trail mirror with me. Legally...
  12. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    I had SiriusXM from the factory, so didn't need the XM antenna (it's $95 if you do). Just plug and play, same plugs as the 5" on the 8.4". I'm not sure if the 5" without the factory XM option includes a GPS antenna for nav? Worst case it's $95 and running it up on to the soundbar. But, it...
  13. Adding spacers to the MOPAR lift

    Hey, just wanted to say I really enjoyed this video, great job on both the truck and the video! I subscribed for sure. Good info, trying to nail down which way I want to go. Take care.
  14. Willys-Overland JT Build

    Hey, have the same basic truck. How are you liking the bumper? Any issues? It's my top choice. Awesome looking truck!
  15. Can I see pics of your stock wheels/tires and 2 or 2.5" lift? Please 😊

    Ha, great post! I'm actually about to order a 2-2.5" lift for my Willys, but will be keeping the stock wheels and M/T tires (what can I say, I just like them). I've had it on jack stands raised up, I still love the look, the stock M/T tires are meaty enough for me to make it work. I want the...
  16. Replacing 1 tire/Tread Depth. Lets fight.

    You are making me cringe hard at the thought of someone replacing one new M/T when the other three are close to 4/32's haha :puke::lipssealed:;)
  17. Iron Rock 2 Inch Lift Kit Installed

    Thanks for all the follow-up! I guess I'm just torn, as many are/were lol. Trying to figure out by the time I add the parts and pieces I'd want to this lift, will I be close to the price of a different lift? If I did this one, I'd minimum want to add control arms or adjustment brackets, sway...
  18. Dead Gladiator and Poor roadside assist

    You are MUCH more patient than I am.... after an hour or so I'd have called my own tow truck, paid the $100, and deal with Jeep (Dealer or Corporate, whatever it took once they got my truck fixed) later for it to make me whole. Let us know what the problem was, sucks it happened!!!
  19. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Got it from They sell brand new units setup for your VIN, and also packages that include the bezel, ac panel and Tazer mini if you want it. I already had the Tazer, so just bought the radio and the bezel. Don’t need the Tazer unless you want to upgrade the AC panel or...
  20. Looking at getting an impact wrench

    Yep, this is the way I went as well. Great tool to have. EDIT: Except I use it to loosen the lugs too, just too dang convenient haha, but I understand.