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  1. Who is running 37"-40" tires on the diesel

    Okay time for some fun, to me I guess. The L630 Gen III is listed as 480 lb-ft @ 1600rpm, 260hp @ 3600rpm with fueling cut off at 4800rpm. The 8HP75 has a revised program for shorter shifts when paired with the L630G3. Using the stock 285/70/17 tires and the factory 3.73 gearing versus a BFG...
  2. Who is running 37"-40" tires on the diesel

    ZF 8HP75 5.0000 / 3.2000 / 2.1429 / 1.720 / 1.3139 / 1.0000 / 0.8221 / 0.6400 / 3.4560 (Reverse)
  3. Tell me all about your decked system

    So, I'm looking to get some insight into the decked system on the gladiator and what the real world experience is. They have a heap of marketing that makes it look like the answer to all problems and this is all well and good but of course it's always gonna work because they chose what to put...
  4. Am I being an Ahole? What would you do?

    Speaking as a previous business owner who made very bespoke items, communication is key. Speaking as the spouse of the owner of a small family business, communication is key. Speaking as a human who buys things from other humans, communication is key. By way of example, I recently had to...
  5. Who is running 37"-40" tires on the diesel

    Just because it can turn them doesn't mean it's doing so efficiently, any insights into MPG losses? Ideally diesels like to cruise just ahead of the torque peak so any speed loss from hills etc gets absorbed into making more power so as tire diameter increases gearing should likewise to keep...
  6. Moving from Vegas to Northern Minnesota

    Just get ready for being passed only for them to do the exact same speed but in front of you. It's a MN, I couldn't ever really understand it.
  7. Moving from Vegas to Northern Minnesota

    Says the man who didnt have to walk back to the nearest phone at night to get pulled out of a snowbank. I did. It was cold. Better to be prepared "in case" and not need than need and not have. You never need chains until you do., if you don't use them they are still ballast. If you are out...
  8. On towing

    42 stacks of 11 pieces at 11.5x11.5x2.25 @ 23.2lb per is 10,718.4 plus the tare weight of the trailer of 2,380 for total gross of 13100 nominal. Never trust that anyone actually know what they are doing.
  9. On towing

    Should have just used the international to start? Its adventures like these that always remind me that perhaps its worth it to make the leap. But then the fever dreams start and I think well not build a 6x6 with 1 tons and finally perfect my OM606 swap. But yes, I never said I didn't see a...
  10. On towing

    The 5yd towed just fine if slow. The pavers was a mix of resigned chuckles and scrambling to get a bigger beast. The lesson here is how many times have we seen people towing loads that have no business behind the vehicle they've chosen to abuse. It took 4 times as long but everything arrived...
  11. Cap for Gladiator

    I have to say that Leer does match up real fine with the factory top. The bosses for the cross bars, were they ordered on? I'm not an RTT man, no one wants to carry kids up a ladder after a long camp day, but I am interested in a single deck level across the cab and cap, makes load planning so...
  12. Cap for Gladiator

    ARE claims to have them, color matched too. The guy on "the story till now" has a smart looking stainless one in black.
  13. On towing

    Step 1, rent trailer. Step 2, procure mulch, 5yd Step 3, be honest about what you can and cannot do Step 4, Borrow buddys truck Step 5, decline to mention this to uhaul While it is very tempting to say it's only a short distance and I'll go slow, it's also very easy to snap an axle shaft or...
  14. Word to the wise when buying parts from private parties

    Private sales of "used" parts can be a hassle to say the least. Good for you for not eating it and good for him for making it right. My local craigs list has been lit up with guys asking complete new in box prices for soft tops that have years and miles on them. I always put out a wtb for...
  15. Moving from Vegas to Northern Minnesota Will sells probably the best and easiest kit to solve this problem. I put them on all the loaders and the skid steers, with a dead cold cab and...
  16. Doors off, Harley mirrors on?

    I've never liked having the mirrors that low and I cant imagine what you are looking at with a head that small so far away. But legal is legal, don't matter if it works. Thats what I always liked about my CJ, the mirrors on the hinge meant I always had mirrors even if I didn't have the doors...
  17. Rent a JT?

    You should try an RS7 then... sex on wheels. I feel like Audi is doing now what BMW was doing before "The Bloat" and keeping it real on the road. Who here likes the idea of an RS6 Avant on knobbies and a little lift?
  18. Edelbrock E Force coming soon.

    CARB can be a very fickle monster. And yes its the very same everything but if its not listed its not approved. Had the same issue with the supercharger for the JK, the 14 was approved and the 15 wasn't. To avoid issues they basically refused to say it would fit the 15.
  19. Edelbrock E Force coming soon.

    NATO steel cans with fuel resistant coatings and free flowing locking steel nozzles. As they don't contain vapors or stop the dreaded dribbles, they are outlawed in my state, a CARB aligned state.
  20. Edelbrock E Force coming soon.

    No. Unless it says it, the answer is NO. Ain't CARB great? CARB is also the reason I can't have nice fuel cans.