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  1. Rugged Ridge Armis hard trifold tonneau - prop rod clips broken

    Yeah there’s a little track. I spent most of my Saturday trying to slide different things in there to use instead. How did you get them to send you a new one? They aren’t responding to my emails.
  2. Rugged Ridge Armis hard trifold tonneau - prop rod clips broken

    I tried reaching out to Rugged Ridge but no response. I can’t be the only person who has had one of these plastic clips break, and a new one could slide right in there. Does anyone know where to get them? I’m talking about the little plastic clip that goes in the tonneau cover’s rail along the...
  3. BillieBars Bed Bars - Are they right for your Gladiator?

    Following to find out about the mopar cover compatibility. But also, want to add to the list of people asking for taller risers. Just looking for something comparable to the Yakima HD Overhaul but can be used with the mopar cover, and Yakima’s only has 300 lb capacity I believe. In other words...
  4. No Key - its it will still drive

    Do u have the technology package? I get a message in the cluster that says key fob has left the vehicle. No other bells or whistles. Just a notification where my digital speedometer would normally be. But I know this cluster upgrade is from The tech package... Also if I remote start it won’t...
  5. What is this for?

    I have both, but I did look on the mopar site under glad accessories. Didn’t see the box as an option.
  6. What is this for?

    So if this is that easily removable, it seems like a pretty easy upgrade to swap this out for the one with a lockable lid. But, I can’t find that on the mopar website. Anyone know where u can get one?
  7. What is this for?

    Ahh thanks
  8. What is this for?

    I get the windshield, door hinges, and roof, but this has another slot for something else that my JLUR doesn’t have. Is there something else I can take off I don’t know about?!
  9. Harold's Sting Gray JTR Build

    Are these mopar grab handles the same as the front/rear JL handles or are they different? And if they are different where did you find them?