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  1. DIY Trail Rail Question

    I just looked at those yesterday! They are nice. I decided I don't really need them right now, but maybe in the future.
  2. Help me decide - Rubicon or Mojave!

    Good video, but he is wrong about the locker in 4H not being available in the Rubicon.
  3. Help me decide - Rubicon or Mojave!

    Where is this? Looks nice. We are also in SD.

    I went this route also as you probably remember. Let me know if you have any questions! UpDown Air system is also a good way to handle the air. They seem a little clueless about tubing however. I got the "universal" to mount at the compressor, and all the tubing was pre-cut, WTF? Anyway, the...
  5. Anyone have dogs riding in the bed? Do you use dog ramp?

    Oh man, what a good looking pooch!
  6. What do u have coming in the mail?

    Clayton Offroad 2.5" Overland + should be here tomorrow - the swaybar end links. Apparently they ran out with supply chain issues. Go Fauci .... I mean ... Go figure. Wheels and tires. Tires also backordered - hopefully by the end of the month when the links finally come in. When all that is...
  7. Help me decide - Rubicon or Mojave!

    I think the Mohave is more for bombing down gravel roads or through the desert at higher speeds. If you are doing overlanding type stuff (RTT + extra weight etc) then it comes down to if you need the low range of the Rubi (4:1) if you might encounter rocky areas and need the low speed finesse...
  8. So this just happened

    OMG! HAHAH They are the first car I look for at the rental place. Especially if there is a hemi! If none then I go for a 300 or something. If I was to buy a sedan it would probably be a 300. They really drive nice. But I digress. That color is sick! Maybe it is the lighting but not quite Plum...
  9. "Accent color" trend?

    There was guy in my XJ forum that had a white Jeep with purple bumpers and rockrails etc. It was interesting. Your build rocks BTW!
  10. So this just happened

    Ouch! Scatpack?? .... wait, I thought it was GC? Isn't that a Challenger? Man I love those cars. I really want one, but I think it would get me into too much trouble. Anyway, welcome! Nice truck!
  11. General Complaint to all After-Market Product Makers

    I know the Sarge is a little darker, but it is close enough. My neighbor was doing a golf cart recently to drive his kids around and he was doing it in green and yellow (he is not a Packer fan) so I gave him a John Deere emblem to put on the front. It is pretty sweet.
  12. General Complaint to all After-Market Product Makers

    Wow, that is nicely done. I would gone for John Deere colors though ;) . My mom worked there!
  13. General Complaint to all After-Market Product Makers

    We eat ham and jam and spam alot. Funny how this thread has digressed in a funny way......since the OP vanished after posting anyway.
  14. General Complaint to all After-Market Product Makers

    Funny ass movie!
  15. General Complaint to all After-Market Product Makers

    I know it is a little extra money, but you can paint stuff any color you want.
  16. New to tire buying

    I would second Quadratec, they seemed to have the best price on the tires I wanted by quite a large margin. They have tire/wheel + mounting and balancing package deal also. If you are in a hurry, maybe shop elsewhere as they seem to be very low on stock currently. Hoping my order comes in by the...
  17. 37” spare tire - list of tires that fit under the bed

    For anyone else checking before buying you can get the actual diameter from (great info over there) and Discount I think lists actual diameter. I'm getting Falken MT's and it SHOULD fit on 8.5" wheel. From " The 37X12.50R17 Falken Wildpeak M/T has a diameter of 36.7"...
  18. San Diego Livin = Anywhere else buyin...

    We gave up on San Diego. Poway was probably the worst. Escondido was better but lame at returning email, phone calls etc. Ironically Poway has an excellent service department. Can't say enough about how good their tech's are at diagnosing and fixing things. We ended up going to Tuttle Click in...
  19. Leaking axle seal?

    Hell yah. Actually having a rear sway bar is a new thing for me ( my XJ had a completely useless rear sway bar that was the first mod anyone ever did) but I can see how it is a good thing and I will keep it for now since it is actually useful on this rig(so they say). I'm tempted to unhook it...
  20. Leaking axle seal?

    Probably an ease of assembly situation. For the average owner it is probably fine, but when you start torqueing on them off road they loosen up. I going to look at these when my lift install comes around in the next couple weeks. I think the welded washer idea looks like a solid one. :like: