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  1. Virginia FOR SALE: 2020 JTR 6sp manual with mods $49,500

    Sweet looking rig. Also, Salute! USCG!!
  2. 33’s on sport with no lift

    I went with 35's out the gate, no lift, no aftermarket wheels. I knew the standard 12.5" wide wouldn't fit stock, so I went Kenda 35x10.5's
  3. Bonus Drive, no Gladiator selection? Are we not eligible?

    What program? What is bonus drive? From this website? From Jeeps website? Bonus drive sounds like a driving mode for a BMW. I am upset that durangos and gladiators are not eligible for some thing I have no idea what it is...
  4. Am I being an Ahole? What would you do?

    Lawyer pants, cause I'm about to pound your a.... oh heh...
  5. The one that got away...

    I miss my 1987 Pontiac GTA. Old lady I bought it from blew the 350 from adding oil when it was low, never changed the oil.... So we rebuilt it, bored 60 over and installed a competition cam with roller rockers and lifters and ported the intake and exhaust. Damn thing was a black rocket until I...
  6. Am I being an Ahole? What would you do?

    I would want to get my money back but what if his house burnt down? Or his daughter died? Also why are you buggin a small business on a Sunday! lol No really I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe email one more time with your intentions to dispute the charges and see how they...
  7. Central Florida Gladiator club

    I have never seen any signage there. I have seen a few people tooling through the area. It is clearly driven thru as you can always see tire tracks and have never seen it blocked off. No one is hiding the fact that it gets wheeled in so if law enforcement didn't like it they would fence it off.
  8. Another small truck… Maverick

    A custom shop actually did it and since I had a 2017 Renegade DesertHawk before my Gladiator (Actually traded it for $17500 towards it) I am rather fond of a little tiny Comanche Renegade.
  9. Central Florida Gladiator club

    It's in the Deltona-Orange City area 28.9304042560074, -81.28037426784202 Copy and paste that into Google Maps with the satellite view and you can look around a bit. That is the only place I know of around central Florida/Orlando area to do a little fun wheeling.
  10. Another small truck… Maverick

    You mean we have one of these onder that shift linkage?! But really it seems like a nice city truck. If i want to leave the pavement though I'll keep my Jeep.
  11. Replacing 1 tire/Tread Depth. Lets fight.

    He only got that name because he's an EFFF BEEEE EYE AGENT!!
  12. Doors off, Harley mirrors on?

    O'Riley scooter mirror 4" I bought two of these and just remove the cowl bolt that is right above that hinge and threaded them in.
  13. Gladiator Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

    All it says is you cannot gain anything from the stuff they give you. Nothing written there can stop you from giving/donating the parts. And if its something you don't want just give it away. Not like you would've have paid for it in the first place.
  14. Setting up for camping

    I mean for the price of that I would just hire an architect, have him draft me up some plans for a tiny home then hire the contractors to build it, Or just buy a shiftpod... :bandit:
  15. Temporary seat covers

    Seat Cover Waterproof I bought these, since sometimes I'm soaked at the end of the day from doing pool work I needed something waterproof. They also roll up and fit under the rear seats perfect.
  16. What items - functional or just "cool" did you put inside your gladiator?

    As cool as that would be, and I would imagine I would have instant street cred would look cool and be functional and would be able to get all of the ladies, I'm not going to install the ShadowsPapa mod in my Gladiator.
  17. Gladiator Expedition Rigs

    Just imagine doing what he did with the Spartan but remove all seats except the front two. You can make quite the rig while still keeping it around 1,000-1,600 lbs or less I would imagine.
  18. Gladiator Expedition Rigs

    The flex isn't as bad as you would think. This guy converted his Gladiator into a Waggladiatorneer. Enclosed Gladiator
  19. Please tell me there's other soft top options

    Instead of moving the pivot back more, Allow the last bar to slide back about one foot farther then take that long last bar that the top is connected to and make it two bars with a hinge in the middle. when droping the top you would slide a locking tube from over the hinge to let it fold down...
  20. Ready-made L-track bed system from Mac's custom tie downs

    True for whatever grade fastener it is but my guess is the nutsert will fail and separate from the bed before the fastener will.