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  1. Replacing 1 tire/Tread Depth. Lets fight.

    No tire input here, but great screen name.
  2. Free standing top removal system

    Some of us may have physical/medical conditions that do not allow us to do it on our own. I dont like using excuses, but I can't do this task on my own.
  3. Free standing top removal system

    I'm temporarily at a house with no garage 6-12 months. Does anyone know of a free standing top removal/reinstall product or idea. I cannot remove it on my own and don't always have help available. Likewise for the reinstallation process.
  4. Hothead headliners accessories

    Hotheads ordered. Had 10% off Memorial Day sale so I threw in the side panels and sound assassin. Hoping for weekend arrival but looks like Monday now. Thanks for the input.
  5. So do they want the truth?

    I wont fill out any survey without compensation. I also removed the dealer vanity plate and license plate surround and the dealership sticker as soon as I left the lot. I had a good experience with the salesman and finance guy and will recommend them to friends, but no free survey or moving...
  6. Gladiator Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

    I've already submitted the winning entry, so I wouldn't waste my time if I were you.
  7. 2021 gladiator mojave

    Used 1 by Altoona PA
  8. Show me your furry Co-Pilots.

    The gangly English pointer
  9. Lyon Brand Tonneau Cover?

    Installed mine today. Instructions terrible. Couldn't get it to latch even with tension adjustment. Read a review on Amazon that said shim the back rails on gladiators about a 1/4" and bingo. Fits good, looks good, and locks. No rain yet but appears to be water tight. For the price I so...
  10. Nav transfer favorites

    Is there a way to transfer my saved addresses from a garmen gps to my nav (I have about 225 addresses of my customers saved) or do I need to type in individually and save as favorites? Thanks
  11. Trading in 2020 Sport S for a 2021 Rubicon, given used car prices are soaring?

    I traded in my 2019 Cherokee on Saturday. I took in the instant cash offer from carmax via kbb site and they gave me that number. I paid 25000 2 years ago (used cpo) put 28000 miles on it and got 24,600 in trade. Was going to trade wife's commander, but this number was too good to pass up.
  12. Should I remove Factory paint protection film

    I didn't know I paid for it and wasn't sure what it was, its not on the window sticker to my knowledge and was my 1st brand new car in 20 years.
  13. Should I remove Factory paint protection film

    Thank you, sorry if it was a dumb question, been itching to modify something. Now I guess my 1st mod will be hanging my ez pass transponder
  14. Should I remove Factory paint protection film

    Bought truck last Saturday several hours away from my home. Was trying to get on the road quick and told them to not worry about washing as it was raining the whole day. Noticed today a film on front of each rear fender. Should I remove it or leave it there?
  15. Stop spotify autoplay

    Anyone know how to prevent spotify from automatically playing (even when app is closed) when entering truck. Android phone, 8.4 uconnect. Thanks
  16. New jt

    New jt

  17. Hothead headliners accessories

    Thanks, also I'm leaning towards the hotheads. Does anybody have opinions of other brands that are just as good or is hotheads the "gold standard " ?
  18. Hothead headliners accessories

    Getting ready to order my headliner, read most of the threads in here but have 2 questions. Are the side panels and sound assassin strips worth it? More interested in knowing if they work as advertised, not so much the extra cost. Thanks and sorry if it's in a thread already, I just picked...
  19. How Many Miles...

    41 miles, bought yesterday, 200 plus now