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  1. New Legit Medical Reason - Quieting the JT or JL Cabin

    I am sure he was just trying to be funny. Sorry you lost your hearing. You could try: 1. sound deadening material 2. coverking on the roof but all that time and material might be pointless.
  2. Now Available! Gladiator Bed Track Kit.

    I like that it is aluminum.
  3. Clunk after Rubicon take off swap

    glad you found it.
  4. Any ideas for a stock sound system upgrade? Currently have the 7 inch Uconnect and didnt get the premium audio package

    Check out car audio fabrication. That guy did a system upgrade to a wrangler. You might be able to take some ideas from it. Youtube site
  5. Clunk after Rubicon take off swap

    I agree, I would take the time and go around every bolt in that area that you touched. It should be many. Look for contact marks. Check torque.
  6. another windshield bites the dust

    You could file a claim with the city for that damage.
  7. another windshield bites the dust

    Since this is/was our first Jeep, I didn't know about the windshield quality issue. Lucky for us, we found out we have a 0.00 repair cost. If it needs to be replaced it's only a 100.00 deductible.
  8. another windshield bites the dust

    Man, almost made it to Mexico and back without a windshield chip... Curious what my deductible is?
  9. Interesting - ACC malfunction

    Driving along the freeway and a bird triggered the sensor that reads you are about to hit something, but it was a quick beep. Next thing I see, I need to service the ACC system and traction something. I was like darn, bird! Pulled over at a store, cycled the system. Same error. Got back on the...
  10. So This Just Happened in my Parking Lot

    I would also suggest a thorough mechanical check. your vehicle was in park. For it to move that far and up a curb, I wonder about the transmission, gears, axles, etc... I'm not a mechanic, but if stuff begins to fail and it wasn't checked, the insurance company could easily say it happened...
  11. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    I am on FB, but won't be back in the States until June 13th
  12. Clunking and squeak noise after 2 inch lift

    i agree. double check everything. loose all the bolts while it sits at ride height and torque everything down again.
  13. FINALLY able to get the dream rig!

    Congratulations. Looks like multiple blessings indeed!
  14. 2021 Jeep Frustrated & Disappointed Owner

    well at least it is figured out.
  15. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    Man, hit me up the next time you guys go there!
  16. Roof leak in back

    Run far far away from that dealer
  17. DV8 high clearance rear bumper

    watch the video. it's pretty messed up. the bumper even damaged his quarter panels.
  18. DV8 high clearance rear bumper

    I dont know, after watching a video from JL Life and seeing how poor his bumper was made, I am very hesitant on DV8 bumpers and warranty support.
  19. New vehicle build confusion

    Is it a diesel? Did you get the satin grille?