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  1. Will this motorcycle hauler work on a Gladiator?

    Here's my Yamaha WR250R (300 lbs.) on an Ultimate MX Hauler rated for 375 lbs. I have the Max Tow with a 765 lb. hitch rating.
  2. Trailer Hitch Motorcycle Carrier Confusion

    Where did you get the lights?
  3. Big Sur Overland Trip Pictorial

    Which camper is that? I'd love to hear details and see the interior.
  4. Slide-in camper options?

    I added Trailfort to my list.
  5. Pictures of 33s and 35s

    It was very easy, the Gladiator was made for that stuff! I highly recommend it.
  6. Texas Used Bestop Sunrider for Hardtop for sale - $400

    I have a used Bestop Sunrider for Hardtop for sale. The tensioning cable on the passenger side broke. I repaired it using a crimped eyelet designed for that size cable. I can promise you it's stronger than the original Z clip. In fact, I would continue use this top on my Jeep except Bestop...
  7. Slide-in camper options?

    One more article:
  8. Slide-in camper options?

    Another good article:
  9. Slide-in camper options?

    Here is a good comparison of some of the above campers.
  10. Slide-in camper options?

    I made a list of all the available campers for the Gladiator. Hope you find it helpful. The cost column is updated as of March 2021. Camper Type Cost Weight Website Four Wheel Camper's Project M Pop Up $9,795.00 358 Snap! Treehouse Wedge...
  11. Does the max tow have a different tow hitch setup than the non max tow?

    The Max Tow hitches are rated at 765 lbs. tongue weight. It is 10% of the 7,650 lb. max trailer weight. This may be due to the overall payload/tow rating but it could also be a stouter hitch...
  12. Rear seats not folding down

    My passenger side rear seat bottom will frequently not fold up, it moves about 2 inches and catches, I have to pull up several times to get it unstuck. It seems like there is something out of adjustment. It seems to happen more often on inclined surfaces (sloping up) like my driveway, which has...
  13. Pictures of 33s and 35s

    Pics from our Colorado trip
  14. Pictures of 33s and 35s

    These tires are absolutely perfect for me. I have gone to Colorado & done the Alpine loop, the Carson ghost Town trail & the Oklahoma K trail on them, aired them down to 22 psi and they had great traction and they're wearing just fine with 9,700 miles so far. Don't be fooled into thinking these...
  15. Pictures of 33s and 35s

    Max Tow, stock suspension. 315/70R17 Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tires. RockTrix RT105 17 inch Wheels 5x5 Bolt Pattern 17x9 (+12mm Offset, 5.5in Backspace). All purchased on Amazon. Link for wheels: Link...