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  1. Gladiator Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Was the Dealer telling the Truth??

    A dealership can sell the truck for whatever price they want. Lol, you did right by RUNNING!
  3. Diesel Sport vs Rubicon

    I don’t need lockers no. Is the Freedom Edition based on a Sport with Max tow?
  4. Diesel Sport vs Rubicon

    As I do appreciate your in put, my question was on drive ability, not reliability.
  5. Diesel Sport vs Rubicon

    I’m interested in a Rubicon Diesel. I’m deciding if it’s really worth the extra $$ for the diesel and want to do a test drive. I’ve driven an Overland v6 (this was when the Gladiators first came out for sale) but never a rubicon. If the dealership has a Sport Diesel, drivability wise will I...
  6. YouTube channels

    Story till now is the Best!
  7. Update: Jeep Reveals V8 Wrangler Rubicon 392 Concept With Hemi

    If it happens, I retract my statement. I’ve heard there are 50 of the 392 Jeeps driving around testing. I also saw a commercial for it. Sure hope Jeep is not toying with my emotions. If the Wrangler is getting it, the Gladiator better get it. A V8 Truck convertible..... I am in love with the...
  8. Update: Jeep Reveals V8 Wrangler Rubicon 392 Concept With Hemi

    @JeepCares that was an awful awful trick! I was so excited to be getting a V8 and now you gone and pissed me off with a tease! I’m definitely going to look at the Bronco a little closer now because of your BS marketing move. I didn’t care about the Bronco, but I do now!
  9. 2021 Jeep Gladiator EcoDiesel Officially Announced

    Do we know how much it can tow yet?
  10. Just heard Diesel Gladiator can be ordered

    I watched a review from a Mechanic on the Wrangler Diesel to try to get more info for the JT. The mechanic said don’t use the cheap DEF, as that clogs the system over time and can be very expensive to fix.
  11. Just heard Diesel Gladiator can be ordered

    What’s the horsepower and torque on the diesel JT? Anyone know the towing rating either? Isn’t it a bad thing we are getting lower gears with the diesel vs penstar on a JTR, or dose it matter? I’d want to to do a 2 inch lift, and 37 inch tires.
  12. How popular are Gladiators where you are?

    Centennial Hills is where I live.
  13. How popular are Gladiators where you are?

    I live in Las Vegas. I’ve seen 3 in one day, but very rare do I see more than 1 a day If at all. The dealerships here have the same trucks on the lot since the Gladiator came out. And, they still won’t budge on price. I love the JT and want one bad, but I’m also not going to live in it just to...
  14. Working from home

    Hey guys, I’m working from home and have been staring at a white wall for 4 weeks. I don’t not have a Gladiator to go outside and look at so I was thinking of getting a cool poster of one. Ideally I’d like a white or Punk’n because I will be choosing one of those colors when it’s time to buy. Do...
  15. Q1 2020 Jeep Gladiator Sales Figure: 15,259 units

    No dealership here in Las Vegas want to make a sale and are not budging on price. I know this is crazy to ask but if I can find a dealership willing to get me a JT Rubicon with 84 months 0% AND take $10k off getting me at $46k out the door I’m in. I don’t need fully loaded, but I do want Steel...
  16. Virus Impact?

    The issue is this country is leaderless and for the people that do listen to our Commander in Chief, he said there’s nothing to worry about. Why dose he say this, ITS BECAUSE HE WANTS TO BE RE ELECTED AND DOSENT WANT YOU TO THINK THERES ANYTHING WRONG! He denied the test because he didn’t want...
  17. Negotiate the 84 month 0% apr on a rubicon....

    If y’all could find a deal I’ll buy right now. Lol I don’t expect the deal as I know what I’m asking for dosent exist, so don’t judge me. If a dealership is desperate, I qualify!!! Lol they’d have to give me 0% 84 months on a Rubicon loaded $47k out the door. I know, I know! That’s why I don’t...
  18. 2020 Jeep Gladiator Model Kit?

    I finally bought a Gladiator!!!
  19. 2020 Jeep Gladiator Model Kit?

    Just found one online. Waiting for delivery
  20. 2020 Jeep Gladiator Model Kit?

    Do you have the link?