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  1. Driver or passenger side 270 degree awning???

    My logic resulted in the same conclusion for the same reason.
  2. 2022 Rumors?

    Diesel costs you payload and towing capacity in this platform due to cooling restrictions. If you need to tow, the V6 with the automatic transmission is required to get the best performance in that regard.
  3. 2022 Rumors?

    MY22 rumors not yet discussed here: 4XE and gorilla glass windshield as a $95 factory option. I'm a definite yes on the latter. The windshield on my wife's JKUR is being replaced in a week or two (hard to get appointments right now), and we talked about going the gorilla glass route. Pricey for...
  4. Gladiator Rubicon 4xe Hybrid Teased!

    Can we drop the politics maybe?
  5. Gladiator Rubicon 4xe Hybrid Teased!

    Could be interesting. Could just as easily be a dud from my perspective depending on how they do it. I need a truck for truck purposes, so if they do some sort of light duty thing with reduced capacities (like with the manual), it's kind of a non-starter. Additionally, a few things I've read...
  6. Took advantage of the crazy trade-in prices!

    About to close a deal on my ZR2 Bison with a similar calculus. Haven't ordered my JT yet though... We're both working from home, have three cars, and are selling down to one. My wife will eventually go back into the office, and hopefully the 2022s are out. I hope to have truck in hand by then...
  7. DO you even need lockers BRO?

    It's been said. Lots of people justifying life choices. That's about 75% of what forums are anyway, so to be expected. The bottom line is that not everyone encounters scenarios where lockers are needed, be it due to use case or environment. Not everyone who does knows how to use them when they...
  8. 2022 Rumors?

    Here's some non-speculation: Jeep is intentionally tight lipped about model year changeover, color release dates, etc., because they want people to buy now rather than wait. The way the internets work, if pretty much anyone at all finds out anything at all, it gets out and everyone knows...
  9. Another small truck… Maverick

    If I didn't live in a place where 4wd and lockers were occasionally mandatory for daily things, this would be pretty attractive. Also, if it wasn't a Ford. Not a Ford fan. I do, so it's not. Meanwhile, my brother is a teacher in Dallas. He is getting to the point where he has been thinking...
  10. Jeep cancelled my Billet Silver Order - color is being stopped !

    I thought Gecko was supposed to be a MY21 color, and it was just not happening due to external circumstances. I'm pretty sure Billet Silver wasn't one of the special colors; Mark Allen called it part of the "vinyl siding collection" or something along those lines (referring to all the different...
  11. Gladiator Front Fender Vents

    As open as things are on the JT, this may not be the case, but in most cars the wheel wells are pretty high pressure. Louvres on the fenders allow that air/pressure out. Better for fuel economy, helps with down force, vents brakes, that sort of thing.
  12. Headed to Colorado Springs in a few hours

    Gotta take it easy if you're not acclimated. Takes a few weeks at altitude to get back to normal. Walk slow, take breaks on stairs, etc. The earth ain't flat; altitude is very real. ~3% decrease in air (and oxygen) density per thousand feet above sea level means you're operating at a severe...
  13. 2022 Rumors?

    Checked this morning per the rumor. No changes on the bmo. Someone with a dealer contact will need to make a call to see if anything has materialized per this rumor.
  14. 2022 Rumors?

    Tomorrow according to the post on the previous page.
  15. 2022 Rumors?

    I just saw that Ford is unveiling the new Maverick on the 8th as well. Maybe one is attempting to steal the other's thunder?
  16. Got New Rear Window and They Chipped My Top
  17. DO you even need lockers BRO?

    Depends on your situation... If you live somewhere flat and hot, it's probably not something you need. I live in the mountains. I've had occasion to use lockers just to get out of the driveway. A few months ago, I was driving around with my infant daughter. She got sick and threw up. I pulled...
  18. Blind spot mirror recommendations?

    So you did. I read through the thread, and I distinctly remember the photo above your post, but somehow I missed it. Keep fighting the good fight! We're going to lose, and blind spot monitoring is going to be mandatory sooner than later, but fight while we can.
  19. Thinking about running freedom panels only

    Mercedes has been using a synthetic leather called MB Tex for decades. It's not leather, but they don't say it is. Their leather is actually leather. Lexus and Toyota use genuine leather, and are pretty clear about it. My BMW was genuine leather. It certainly wasn't good, but it was real...