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  1. New Fishbone Fenders

    Looks great. Is the rear fender sturdy enough to stand on? Also did you gain any tire clearance in the rear with these? Right now these in my top few choices to go with
  2. BLack Friday /Cyber Monday sales thread

    But yes if I render right they are doing it again this year.
  3. Survey- For those with misfire issues

    I got the pcm flash yesterday. It seems to have cleared up the rough idle for now. They said this latest flash came out last month or the month before, and they haven't had anybody return yet with the misfire issue after this flash. We'll see
  4. jack stands with RTT?

    I have a set (2) of rigid (ROTOTRAX) traction boards and the Go Treads. If you don't already have 4 of the ARBs, then It would still be a nice option. It's good to have 4 traction boards. And I like the idea having both rigid and flexible for different circumstances
  5. jack stands with RTT?

    Just using the suspension is fine (and I have soft suspension). It will move some, but when sleeping I haven't noticed any issues with significant rocking either with my own movements or the wind. But to level it get GoTreads. They function as leveling blocks (which can be varying heights) and...
  6. Jeepasaurus_Rex -- 2021 JTR diesel build - Overland

    Man It looks great! Still Jealous of the EcoDiesel! Cant wait to hit the trails with you!
  7. Regional meets?

    Exodus off road
  8. Regional meets?

    What side of town. The two big ones are Exodus Off Road and Bikini Off Road
  9. San Antonio

    Viking endevours is occaisnionaly open. It's out by Medina. Then Hidden Falls, Trees Ranch, Canyons, K2, Wolf Caves, then its gets farther out, Escondido Draw, Big Bend State and National Parks, Northwest ORV, Bridgeport, and the muddy places in east texas. There is a muding park inside San...
  10. Regional meets?

    Mine took 2-3 months. after ordering, but that was earlier on. I think they are faster now. PINS is the Padre Island National Seashore. It the longest stretch of undeveloped barrier island in the world. 60 miles of beach driving with varying conditions, (then you have to drive back as its a...
  11. Regional meets?

    I'm not running the event, but I'll bring all my recovery gear. It's up to yall to talk me out of doing dumb stuff though. I'm known to over do it.... I've been to Hidden Falls several times. The great thing about it is there are often bypasses and plenty of trees to winch off of.
  12. Regional meets?

    You could always bring the JLUR, if the JT isn't ready. Just to see what the JTs can do in person. We have to be a little more choosey with our lines than the shorter wheel base jeeps.
  13. JeepNCrowd's Overland/Rescue Build

    I have a philosophy when it comes to building my Jeeps. I always start with recovery, armor, followed by lift/tires, and any additional beef I need. Then "luxury" item, like tent lgihting, awenings etc. Id rather have a built jeep that can get me home more than a comfortable bed. So once I...
  14. JeepNCrowd's Overland/Rescue Build

    Perks of being a geobachelor. If you're ever in Texas let me know. I'll try to take you to our parks.
  15. JeepNCrowd's Overland/Rescue Build

    Ok. Been a while since I last posted. A lot has changed since my trip to Rausch Creek. I've installed the Rebel Half Rack, the Overland Vehicle Systems Nomedic 3 tent, the tuff stuff changing room, the dobinsons 8x9.8 ft awning, the JCR short roof rack, Artec front lower control arm skids, and...
  16. Regional meets?

    Welcome. The correct term is Jeeper. But yes joint your local jeep clubs. Also there's a Texas Jeep gladiator Facebook page. There is a run planned to Hidden Falls (about 1.5 hours form San Antonio Nov 6th-8th). I plan on goin and camping out there on the 7th. I am from SA as well. Hope to see...
  17. JeepNCrowd's Overland/Rescue Build

    It was a $20 Amazon tent (it went up in price I guess). It fits perfectly in the bed. I slept on an inflatable camping pad and blankets. I'm 6 foot. Only rant enough room for me. Unless you want to get real cozy.
  18. JeepNCrowd's Overland/Rescue Build

    Wow. I forgot to update. Below are pics from various Virginia trails (including Peter's Mill Run), some West Virginia Trails and camping and two trips to Rausch Creek (both sides of the park) (did all three BoH trails). Got some big things coming for labor day.
  19. July 25 Bearwallow WV

    Hey yall. I'm going to try to make it out to Bearwallow for some green (maybe a blue or two) trail. Anybody in the area interested?