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  1. Mud Flaps, grill guards, rocker panels, 3M, other options to help avoid rock chips

    I decided right from the start that the Gladiator is going to get scratched, dinged and show the effects of many offroad adventures. I have to tell you its just liberating to not worry about such cosmetic things like pinstripes and paint chips especially when enjoying the Gladiator in what...
  2. AEV DualSport 2.5 Install

    If my memory serves me correctly you need to drill out the holes for the rear bump stop spacers. Nothing too tough. As far as the snapped bolts in my case the instructions had the wrong torque spec for the rear sway connects. I could feel it was too much as I was tightening but wanted to...
  3. Mopar tube door mirrors -- installed pics finally

    Those look very nice. I couldn’t wait any longer for them to be available so I went with the ones from CMM.
  4. Arcus bumper - can you install the overrider later?

    yes it can be installed later without issue
  5. Is there a way to make a complete spacer lift besides AEV?

    Not to change it up on you but why not wait and buy a full lift?? I think just based upon the amount of doubt you have and the lack of options you are finding to lift the front and rear equally you will always be second guessing this decision and that is never fun. I wanted to maintain my rake...
  6. AEV DualSport 2.5 Install

    Thanks :) Its basically the factory rake maintained with a lift. For me this is a truck and needs to look like one which means there should be some rake. A Wrangler looks good level but a Gladiator needs to show its differences proudly....and nothing looks worse than a truck with the front...
  7. Want everyones opinion...Stubby or Full Length Bumpers

    I went stubby for a couple of reasons. The first and foremost was for offload clearance but weight was also an important consideration and there was just no denying the weight savings from going with the Arcus from RR
  8. I finally got partially naked the first time.

    Tube Doors have been a great addition for the entire family. The wife feels better about having the whole family in the Jeep when topless and doorless. Happy wife..Happy life :)
  9. Lift for Max Tow - keep rear springs?

    I occasionally tow an RV that I rent . It weighs about 4500lbs. With that attached and the bed full of gear I still have a decent rake. I would say fully loaded she would be level but that is a guess. Most suspensions out there have a goal to level the Vehicle. AEV is one of the few that...
  10. Lift for Max Tow - keep rear springs?

    I have a max tow and went with the AEV. It maintains the factory rake and the towing capability. Drives so much better than stock and is more than capable off road.
  11. Bandit Edition Gladiator

    I guess I'm just an old 70's guy but Burt Reynolds and a black Trans Am are just iconic reminders of my youth. I would drive that Jeep all day.
  12. Best way to clean trail dust from interior?

    I fire up the air compressor and use a blow gun attachment to get the heavy stuff especially out of all the crevices. I follow that up with damp microfiber towel that I keep wetting and wringing out in some water and a touch of carwash soap. Follow that up with 303. Better than new...
  13. Gladiator rear quarter panel protection

    I did not do a write up. Having a template for the bumper would have been great. I used masking tape to create my cut lines and it worked fine but I probably would have cut less a little less off the bumper if there was a template in the box.
  14. Car and Driver has posted a 10,000 mile update to their long term Gladiator review. Pretty negative

    Nothing in that article that we don't already know. As Jeep enthusiasts we accept that the capability of the vehicle overshadows the daily driver based feedback of the article. Jeeps do what they do very well but that does come with some compromises. I'll take the off road, doors off, roof...
  15. Ceramic coating looks fantastic!

    Love the ceramic and it does help keep my black Jeep clean. It however did nothing to prevent pin striping. Not upset about it at all because I knew going in that several trails would be tight and I bought this vehicle to off road it and enjoy it. If your goal is to help eliminate pin...
  16. Flush Mount LED Tail Lights for Jeep JT | Group Buy Pre-Order

    I'm in. Really looking forward to this cleaner look.
  17. Hoist: Lange or Bestop

    I have the Lange. Really like it. I had one for my JK as well. When I traded my JK I just needed a new rear hook from Lange to convert it to my JT.
  18. Is legit?? Where do you shop?

    Have used Extreme Terrain with no issues. Northridge is my go to. Great service and competitive pricing.
  19. Jeep AND whiskey lovers

    Was lucky to come across this the week before a weekend long trail event with my local club. I enjoyed sharing it with my fellow Jeepers by the campfire!!
  20. Freedom top storage in truck bed

    Spiderwebshade makes a model specifically for use with freedom panels and sunrider with a cut out section to access either the freedom panel latches or allow you to secure the sunrider. Check it out on their website.