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  1. Muddy Kansas Rocks - Stock Sport to Modified Rubicon Gladiators Tackle Some Trails

    Good stuff. Best when the kids are lovin' it too.
  2. Molle bed panels

    I've been eyeing these JCR molle panels, so thanks all for the posts. hjdca, I agree that it's a great way to secure lots of stuff so it's not rattling around. I like them for securing a lot of camping gear in an out of the way location, giving more room in the bed for other junk. Plus, you...
  3. Gladiator Bike Rack?

    Hey Shawn, that's exactly the setup I was thinking of doing, once I get the JCR molle panel ordered. How's it working out for you? Any special fork mount you used, or would any universal mount work? I'm guessing you need either large washers or a mounting plate behind the mount? Thanks
  4. Someone's scoping my Gladiator

    Thanks for the suggestion, and I like the idea of a single lock point. You mentioned it was a straight-forward install. Few questions: Were you able to use existing mounts / no extra drilling ? Did you have to make cuts into existing grill? Difficulty? Do you have to remove the original...
  5. Well...

    I'm 53 and my friend just road in mine, and said "Dude, this is gonna increase your life expectancy by 5 years". I thought about it, looked at him and said "yea, at least 5".
  6. Red Rock Bedside Sliders?

    I wouldn't necessarily cross them off the list. Yes, it's horrible that they offer no instructions. And worse, I got no response from my email to them asking about instructions. And even worse, they point to a homemade video that disparages their name. I agree that's just terrible...
  7. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    Installed bedside sliders!
  8. Red Rock Bedside Sliders?

    Thanks them installed and I'm happy with the sturdiness overall. I haven't tested them out yet, but they seem to be more heavy-duty than some of the competitor products I reviewed. The heavy-duty structure and wider mount of the bracket appears to be a big plus. I'm a little...
  9. Who hasn't removed their door bolts yet, and why?

    Bought my Gladiator in July, and had top and doors off all summer.......that's the fun of a Jeep.
  10. Nude Gladiators (no doors/tops) - pics please

    Love mud and cleaning it out after....
  11. Red Rock Bedside Sliders?

    Thanks John....hey, I'm in Roseville too! I just noticed....I'll keep an eye out for your Mojave....BTW, I just ordered the DV8s
  12. Red Rock Bedside Sliders?

    How do like the DV8 bedslide slider, and how easy was the install?
  13. Your truck is Ugly!?

    My dog loves it.....that's all I care about.
  14. JT vs 4Runner

    Agree Pdiddy...although not totally comparable, I had a LandCruiser for 17 years. It was a great vehicle and its dependability was awesome. While it was great toting my kids around, it always lacked the more state-of-the-art features that you'd expect from comparable rigs. Toyota hasn't kept...
  15. Spidershade questions

    ...and, the nice thing about them is you can put the hardtop directly over the sunshade without having to remove it. I plan on just having the sunshade on permanently.
  16. Spidershade questions

    Sorry trez, I might be late to the game, but I got a spiderwebshade and love it. My first weekend w/ my Gladiator, I took everything off and tooled around....and got sunburnt (I'm pretty white). The shade was my first upgrade. You do have to loosen the windshield mounts to strap it in...
  17. Best Combo Rock Slider Rail and Step

    Just installed Rock Hard's Patriot Series Tube Slider Rocker Guards - Angled Up on my Gladiator Sport S. Wasn't as easy as I hoped and took a bit longer than I would have liked (as it usually does with me), but I'm overall happy with the install. It does provide a nice step for my girlfriend...