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  1. security with doors or top off

    I use all the built in locks of the center console, glove box, and rear seats. I also added some locks to the under rear seat. Another option I use is the bed. I have a tonneau cover and with the tailgate lock it gives another spot. I don't consider any of it really secure but more deterrents.
  2. Mopar DRL and Parking Fender Lights?

    I used the JScan to change the settings after tapping into the wiring harness and all works as it should. Yes. Mine is a sport s and all the wires to the vehicle side are there. It makes sense too from Jeeps side. Make one harness for all to that point. I had the black non-body colored...
  3. Mopar DRL and Parking Fender Lights?

    I have not added fender lights but I tapped into the vehicle side of the harness for DRL and turn signals so I know they have the correct electrical signals going to it when turned on. I added fog lights in my bumper that have DRL and turn signals. So that is why I did it that way.
  4. Mopar DRL and Parking Fender Lights?

    It should work. I have a sport and the vehicle side of the wiring plug has all the needed wires. It should work without issues.
  5. Gladiator Wiring Diagrams (Shared With JL)

    Yes, I used it for the fender DRLs. I have a Sport and it did not have the DRL in the fender harness but on the vehicle side, all the wiring is there. These diagrams allowed me to tap into it there and it works fine.
  6. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    They are from Amazon. They work well and I had no issues installing them. They plug directly into the existing wiring harness. For the DRL's, I ran a single wire to the fender harness to tap into the existing wire there and then connected both sides to the single wire. I had to run separate...
  7. Let's see your 285/75 17 tires

    Geolander M/T with rubicon springs and 1.5" spacer in the front and 3/4" spacer in the rear.
  8. Where did you take your Gladiator today?

    Not today, but this past weekend in the Sierra National Forest.
  9. Truxedo Elevate TS Rails - Question

    That is exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks.
  10. Aftermarket Fender Flares - Rubicon style, or other

    I went with the DV8 ones. They are all metal and use rivet nuts for attachment. The main thing I am not happy about with them is the silver bolts but that is a minor issue that I could always change out later.
  11. What type of bumper? Stubby or full width?

    Quadratec QRC in the stubby version. There is also a full-width one too.
  12. Truxedo Elevate TS Rails - Question

    I have been looking at this and most of the websites contradict each other. I was hoping someone had the first-hand experience. I found a few mentions through the search but did not see this answered. Do these rails work with the trail rail or DIY system? I am not meaning to attach to it but...
  13. Bed Rack / Tonneau Cover for Gladiator Rubicon

    I am bringing up an old thread but I have searched online and the forum without luck. Do the truck hero TS rails work with the trail rail system or the DIY version? None the installation info I can find says yes or no.
  14. 37s no lift

    What is the backspacing or offset of the wheels you're running?
  15. Overland window tint

    I think it depends on the type of tint. Either 20% or 15%. Mine is 15% but I had them add clear solar on the rear doors and back window.
  16. Big Sur Overland Trip Pictorial

    If you don't mind sharing where in Big Sur did you go? I am out that way and new to the area. It looks like a good area you were in.
  17. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    I out in some new LED fog lights. The are turn yellow turn signal, DRL, and fog lights. I also put on the DV8 front and rear fenders. I also finally got around to washing it too.
  18. Locking Storage under the rear seats with base plastic divider. Less than $20

    I had the same concern but of course, it was right after I drilled all the holes and past the point of no return. I tried to round off the corners as much as possible but still thinking of ways to soften the blow when I ultimately hit it as well.
  19. Locking Storage under the rear seats with base plastic divider. Less than $20

    @jonaandcaleb Such a great idea I had to steal it.
  20. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    If you're cold their cold. Bring them in. But truly it is easier to bring them in than potentially hit them while working in the garage.