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  1. Is anyone else’s steering worse after the steering box upgrade?

    The TSB calls for the vehicle to have an alignment done after install of new box. Even if you toe is not set correctly it can have negative effect during cornering. Was your steering wheel correctly centered? KevinC
  2. A case and use for a simple 2"-2.5" lift?

    Not correct - How will a suspension lift raise the transfer case skid plate that is bolted to the frame? What about the gas tank skid? It won't. The breakover angle of a JT will not change with a suspension lift. The only way you are going to increase breakover angle is with larger tires, or...
  3. So this just happened

    Congratulations. It looks like Granite, which goes well with the Mohave Orange accents. Well done. KevinC
  4. A case and use for a simple 2"-2.5" lift?

    Both of you need to understand a suspension lift kit, whether "budget" spacer lift or full blown spring, control arms and track bar kits, will net you ZERO extra ground clearance. For someone new reading this they may think suspension lifts are ground clearance saviors. The only thing that...
  5. Badges earned in Ocala Nat’l Forest

    Yes, Salt Spring Campground will be the closest one to the trail that will have electric and hook-ups. The summer rain is here in Central Florida and I would expect the trail to have a good amount of water from now till October. Good luck.
  6. Thoughts on Kenwood KFC replacement speakers?

    A good quality coaxial speaker to replace the dash is going to drown the lower kick speakers out. Most all of the sound you are hearing is coming from the dash. My advise, replace them first and see how it sounds. It may save you the frustration and expense of replacing the lower kicks.
  7. The one that got away...

    My first. I bought with my own hard worked money mowing grass and picking watermelons. Paid $900.00 69 Scout 800B
  8. Goodbye, Silvertruck

    Would you be so kind and post your window sticker. Inquiring minds want to know.
  9. Sport S vs Rubicon

    What "hardware" are you getting on a Max Tow from a Rubicon? Lockers front and rear Swaybar disconnect Roc-Trac 4.1 Transfer Case Offroad + Just curious what you are referring too KevinC
  10. 9 Day SouthEast Camping Trip Adventure in our Gladiator

    Your trip report has motivated me to do the almost same route as you this fall. I have been to Dahlonega twice, but never as a civilian. I will finally get to relax and see the sights. Maybe make my next stop Murphy. When Tellico was open I used to go to Murphy 2x year and never had time to...
  11. I bought my first Jeep 45 years ago. Finally got another!

    The Gladiator is a beast compared to your old Wrangler. Jeep has come a long way over the years and the JL/JT is a well engineered vehicle. Being you are in Montana you have plenty of areas to explore and test out all this new technology. Happy trails to you and yours.
  12. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Thank you. I looked all over the interwb for something that has clean lines and not over bearing. They built what I envisioned. It is fastened directly to the threaded holes in the bed. The holes may be there for the rail system, which I do not have. It is not mounted to survive a roll over...
  13. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Bruiser Conversions out of Clearwater FL built this prototype Rollbar/Chase Rack for me. Finally got it installed today.
  14. Hottest day of the year (here), so far.

    Pretty "cool" that all three displayed temps are within a few degrees of each other.
  15. HELP PLEASE! Awful JKS quicker disconnect experience

    You can heat that metal up with a propane torch and hammer it back to center. Are your disconnects at 5 degree upward angle? If they are not angled correctly they will bind and start bending/breaking the weakest link. KevinC
  16. Foam cannon anyone?

    I also purchases one off Amazon. I had to find one with a different type of connector because I have a KRANZLE pressure washer (made in Germany) and it has a weird connection. If you are using the foam cannon properly it serves its purpose. Foam the Jeep and the soap will break up the...
  17. New Gladiator owner with a few questions!

    Welcome back to the community. We never really leave. The fender flare material is better made than your previous 99. They don't fade as fast and turn milky white. Protection now will keep them looking new. 303 Protection is what I use. I buy the largest spray bottle out there and use it on...
  18. What PSI for Kenda 35x10.5 RT. on 17” stock rim?

    With stock Rubicon rims I have been conservative in airing down to only 18psi. Living in Florida we air down to get a wide contact patch for soft sand wheeling and flex in running over sharp tree roots and rocks on the trails that will cut a fully inflated tire. 18psi has worked well for me so...
  19. Best way to clean trail dust from interior?

    Leaf blower first. 303 wipe down with damp cloth second.
  20. The Gladiator key...why? AJT Design solutions

    The amount of money they are asking just to get a little bit smaller FOB...Eh, I'll spend my money elsewhere.