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  1. Line-X Shortage?

    I’ve always done line x but got Rhino Liner due to the shortage. It was cheaper and they actually did a better install then line-x. My only complaint is that the rhino smelt bad for about a week. Otherwise Rhino Liner for the win with lifetime warrant.
  2. 37 inch spare tire

    Patagonia 37 won’t fit with stock rim. Aired down to 8psi and I feel like it did nothing. Will have to play around with it some more once I have an extra set of hands to help.
  3. DO you even need lockers BRO?

    yup, like I said most Jeep’s are already overpriced.At that price it makes sense and I could see why people would choose it. But when their priced at 52plus it makes no sense.
  4. DO you even need lockers BRO?

    so why you so bias?? That’s so meta. Did I do that right then??
  5. DO you even need lockers BRO?

    I totally agree. With the 10k discount they were doing on the Overland shows they had trouble selling those. But even at 10k discount I had a hard time justifying it over the Sport. Nothing wrong with wanting a luxurious Jeep and there's nothing wrong saying it's probably the worst bang for your...
  6. DO you even need lockers BRO?

    I've had a Sport and now a Rubicon. I think the Rubicon is a terrible deal vs a Sport. You can build up a Sport much cheaper. But in this market it was cheaper for me to trade in for a Rubicon. I'm not biased for the Rubicon. I still think the Sport is the best model to get especially if you can...
  7. 2 inch Mopar lift for JTRD

    Yeah it was toe. Vehicle only had 200 miles on it so it wasn’t out of spec before. Drove fine off the lot and drove okay after but you could tell it was slightly off. Alignment fixed them both.
  8. DO you even need lockers BRO?

    Right…Overland has nothing to do with Overland. It’s a city Jeep. Which is great if that’s what you want. But it shouldn’t be nearly the same price as a Rubicon or Mojave. You defending it shows your bias. I have a Sport and just upgraded to a Rubicon because of the used market. Like you said...
  9. 2 inch Mopar lift for JTRD

    You do need a alignment. Yes, it doesn’t change much but my truck was out of spec after. Alignment got it within spec.
  10. RideRight+ 2.5” Lift is PERFECT!

    that’s because you added the certificates and that adds 200. 4 tires is 1070 on eBay and 1090 on the stores. I let them sit in my cart for a few days and discount sent out a deal for 960.
  11. DO you even need lockers BRO?

    Also the overland is probably the worse trim to buy. Way overpriced which is why they discounted them so much because no one was buying them.
  12. DO you even need lockers BRO?

    Bad take. I had a sport s with LSD and it literally did nothing for me. Couldn’t get up a few spots without lockers.
  13. RideRight+ 2.5” Lift is PERFECT!

    ebay discount store has them for 1060.Just put them in your cart. They sent me an offer a few days later for 960 shipped plus taxes. Just gotta learn how to find the deals.
  14. RideRight+ 2.5” Lift is PERFECT!

    Patagonias are 1060 through discount tire or eBay discount tire plus 10% off for military.
  15. Thinking. Trade, Keep?

    yes but what I’m saying is that for off road that 4.10 and wider axles won’t help you off road any better compared to a Sport. Either way you can get to the same destination.
  16. Thinking. Trade, Keep?

    I love the people that act like the max tow is the best thing since slice bread. I think their getting more annoying then some Rubicon owners. Simply put the max tow is nice if you tow a lot as it gives you a little more room vs the Sport. Otherwise there’s nothing the Max tow will do for you...
  17. Mopar 2" Lift Part Number AB vs AC?

    I ordered my Mopar kit from Amazon and came from Athens Dodge. It was the newer AC kit and on my 2021 Rubicon I got approx 3inch front lift and 2ish from the rear. Still a slight rake but perfect once I have all my overland gear in the back. Super impressed with the kit so far after doing some...
  18. Gobi Gobbler JT Gladiator Build

    I live off of tramway and copper ha ha.
  19. Gobi Gobbler JT Gladiator Build

    I actually think I saw you the other day ha ha.
  20. Gobi Gobbler JT Gladiator Build

    cutting it is actually really easy if you have the right tools.