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  1. South Carolina $1600 Fifteen52 Analog HD with Nitto Ridge Grapplers

    We Should meet and trade 😉
  2. South Carolina $1600 Fifteen52 Analog HD with Nitto Ridge Grapplers

    Man I really like those!!!
  3. Gladiator Rubicon 4xe Hybrid Teased!

    I think High Altitude model brings some performance to the equation. It seems to be suspended well for road use and I think the cabin is better sound dampened. Weird to think of a jeep built for the road, but the HA edition 4xe is not half bad. Maybe my opinion of a 4xe model would ve different...
  4. Gladiator Rubicon 4xe Hybrid Teased!

    The 4xe has an electric compressor and it works really fast.
  5. Gladiator Rubicon 4xe Hybrid Teased!

    The battery tech is actually pretty advanced. I think it is a really decent design, if your integrating it into an existing package were styling, and performace is a brand Hallmark. I suppose performance is subjective, but the acceleration I feel is better than most of all non-modern V8 variants...
  6. Gladiator Rubicon 4xe Hybrid Teased!

    We bought ours for the power, that is always there. It runs on gas, so any far out place is aas accessible as it is with any conventional auto. My SC runs like a top with 18k on the clock
  7. Gladiator Rubicon 4xe Hybrid Teased!

    I have both, it works better.
  8. Gladiator Rubicon 4xe Hybrid Teased!

    I dont think you all understand how it works. It regulates useage and regeneration. We get about 28 mph full electric, bit if you turn it on hybrid it supplements power forthe whole time. And it will show the charge depleted, but it keeps enuff in reserve it can still suplement the two liter for...
  9. Gladiator Rubicon 4xe Hybrid Teased!

    Just drive one, you will quite your bitchen and complaining. It is like a factory supercharger
  10. Gladiator Rubicon 4xe Hybrid Teased!

    Something must be wrong with his 4xe, because ours was never a pig on the highway. It held 8th no issue and could pull higher speeds with authority.
  11. Gladiator Rubicon 4xe Hybrid Teased!

    Something must be wrong because we just put 150 miles on the highway today, and we had full family riding 75mph and we had plenty of squirt to hit 85-90 to get around weirdos in Chicago.
  12. Thoughts on Kenwood KFC replacement speakers?

    I put Kenwood in the dash and sound bar with my 7" screen. Along with the kicker amp and 6" JL audio sub under the rear seat. The comment I get the most is this is really crisp and clear. I pver powered one of the Kenwood dash speakers and it popped. They are hard to find right now so I tried...
  13. Gladiator Rubicon 4xe Hybrid Teased!

    Dont get me wrong, I very much like my Gladiator as is. The problem with being a professional embedded systems engineer is you are more sensitive to every niggle and unintended function. I knew early on that of I opened this box it would probably never shut, and stated such on this forum. After...
  14. Magnuson TVS1900 Kit Available Now

    What are the details on your ride? I have been helping a couple of people. 2021s seem to have had a significant change in the OS. I am working currently to get a solution in place. I have tapped a few resources to understand what the changes are and what is my quickest route to resolution. If...
  15. Gladiator Rubicon 4xe Hybrid Teased!

    The big deal is the wrangler 4xe is 375 hp and 480 ftlbs. We have one and it is ALL there and soooo smooth in its operation. I have spent close to 10 months tuning my supercharged Gladiator and it still has some things I am not happy with in the calibration. If I could get factory power and all...
  16. Another small truck… Maverick

    The 9 dollar fill up is a real thing. Which os pretty cool.
  17. Another small truck… Maverick

    Trust me I am using all the gasoline. No guilt in burning dead dinos. I take quite the pleasure in it. Oh and my jeep is faster than yours! If you read the whole post I digress and say the infrastructure is not there yet but getting closer.
  18. Another small truck… Maverick

    While not prevalent yet. The supercharging stations can knock out a charge in 45 minites if all is right with the world. I have seen some of you all at the gas station alng with my tribe. After all the bathroom breaks, snacks, a walk of the dog and finding that all important pillow. 45 minutes...
  19. Another small truck… Maverick

    Yes that will be the case, the new hybrids though seem to have it covered and are utilizing electric for power add
  20. Another small truck… Maverick

    It is getting closer in recent years. Motors are getting extremely efficient and power dense. The batteries are also making strides. A tesla can garner 300 miles of range in a couple hours of charge. My Gladiator does about 248 miles im 10 minutes of fueling, still a bit of a divide but not as...