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  1. Rubi versus Overland Shocks on a Gladiator Diesel

    They feel about the same as the standard shocks that my max tow came with. If you want a firmer shock I would look at the Bilstein 5100s, only downside to them is they have a steel body that will corrode in areas that use salt.
  2. Should I try to haul in the bed or get a trailer?

    If you can put it on it’s side and strap it in it should be fine. I picked up a lift for my Waverunner recently and that is how I had to put it in the bed, worked out fine.
  3. Towing Checklist

    Picture my daughter took of the screen while towing last year.
  4. Towing Checklist

    I always carry the following when towing Small floor jack Set of basic tools Spare trailer tire and wheel Breaker bar with sockets for trailer lugs Small compressor Tire pressure gauge Assorted ratchet straps
  5. I have been ordered to buy a "bug deflector"

    I just keep a can of Sprayway and a microfiber towel under the rear seat and clean as needed, in my experience the only type that really work at the near vertical ones that at 3”-4” tall at the front of the hood.
  6. How to get best of both Rubicon and Mojave worlds?

    You can buy the Mojave springs new from allmoparparts for around $60 each.
  7. Question about Fishbone and Daystar spacer kits

    I have the 1.5” Daystar spacer on my JT, it has the locating nubs and replaces the factory isolator so it is just one piece above the spring. I chose the Daystar as I prefer a single piece between the spring and upper perch as opposed to multiple pieces other brands use which retain the factory...
  8. What did you HAUL in your JT today?

    Lift for my waverunner.
  9. 2021 Mojave - which backspacing is better 17x8 with 4.50 backspacing or 17x8 with 5.0 backspacing?

    Check out AEV wheels they are +25 17x8.5 will fit 37” tires with one of their lifts or similar. One issue people run into as mentioned above is some lift kits that replace the control arms use straight control arms which with stock or close to stock wheels and wider tires will rub the control...
  10. 2021 Mojave - which backspacing is better 17x8 with 4.50 backspacing or 17x8 with 5.0 backspacing?

    I would go with the 5, no point in having them stick out more than a little beyond the fenders
  11. Sell wheels/tires to Upgrade tires/wheels

    Should sell if priced around $1000 that is about the going rate, Firestone's IMO are not very popular. Also only being four of them, JK or JL people may not want them.
  12. 11.5" tire width, call for a measurement please (tread width!)

    Totally agree, handles better too, especially in wet and snow. I do not understand the tires hanging out side the fenders look, looks bro dozer to me.
  13. Aev procal or???

    I have a AEV Snap, the install is pretty easy once you figure out how the OBD connector opens. It does not bypass anything that I am aware of, you can change tire size, axle ratio and transfer case low range. It is a quality product made in the US by a company with a long history of making well...
  14. 11.5" tire width, call for a measurement please (tread width!)

    I have 285/75/17 Toyo AT IIIs, 285 is 11.4", the actual tread width is about 9"
  15. Question about 3.5 rough country suspension lift

    What were the caster numbers from the alignment? Looked up that lift and it looks like it doesn’t have anything to restore the caster from the lift. How does it handle on the highway?
  16. Question about 3.5 rough country suspension lift

    There is nothing they can adjust besides toe in and based on what the OP installed that would not have changed. Don’t waste your money on an alignment.
  17. Diesel owners; do you regret you engine choice?

    That’s a great option for people with no morals.
  18. Diesel owners; do you regret you engine choice?

    How can it be deleted? Someone would have to get into the programming for the ecm and remove all the sensors otherwise it will just go into limp mode it’s not like you can just remove all the emissions stuff and the motor will run normally.
  19. Rubicon/max tow and Rubicon shocks installed on my Willys

    I have the same on my JT plus Daystar 1.5 and .75 rear spacers, Daystar lower front spring correction pads, Mopar LCAs, and RE front shock extensions. I like the ride but feel at times it is under dampened over bumps at speed, I am running 285/75/17 Toyos on stock wheels.
  20. Aux switches not working

    Do you have anything connected to them?