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  1. LED Tail Light with BSM vs LED without BSM Connector/Harness Differences?

    Monaco Coach with 10000 lb towing capacity. I'm good, thanks for the lookout though!
  2. LED Tail Light with BSM vs LED without BSM Connector/Harness Differences?

    Ohhhhh... AWESOME!!! Thank you!
  3. Jeeps Parking Next To Jeeps

    Friday morning at work!!!
  4. LED Tail Light with BSM vs LED without BSM Connector/Harness Differences?

    I tried emailing/contacting them thru their website but no reply yet. On Amazon- others with LED lights says theirs have worked with the 58964 without issue. If they don't reply, maybe I can just ask the Jeep Dealership/Service Department if they know if there are any differences.
  5. LED Tail Light with BSM vs LED without BSM Connector/Harness Differences?

    I have a 2021 JTRD with the LED and BSM (Blind Spot Monitoring System), and was trying to plug in the Curt 59864 flat-tow wiring harness which is supposed to be plug-and-play. Unfortunately it looks like my plug is different? I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a difference between...
  6. 2 inch Mopar lift for JTRD

    Sorry not a real help- but I've read that the track bar is better/needed. I also think an alignment should be included in the install price. I get the appeal of the OEM JTRD lift, but after addition of track bar/leveling, etc, etc... I've been holding out for more complete package/options...
  7. Flat tow wiring

    Do you happen to have the part number? I must have ordered the incorrect one then. The plugs did not match on the Curt harness to the Gladiator tail light plugs?
  8. Flat tow wiring

    Update- I just tried installing the Curt harness and it wouldn't plug into the LED tail lights. Are the LED/Halogen plugs different???
  9. Metal Cloak Game Changer 3.5

    That's weird, but I've seen several posts of other manufacture's springs bowing out as well?!?!
  10. Anyone install the ICON Vehicle Dynamics Stage 8 suspension?

    Any updates??? Super curious to hear your thoughts/review!!!
  11. Metal Cloak Game Changer 3.5

    Looks great!!! I'd like to hear the off-road reviews as well! Still haven't decided on a lift for my Rubi Diesel- but leaning towards 37-40" tires...
  12. 16,000 mile EcoDiesel Gladiator review

    Great review! I hope we are all feeling the same in 50-100K miles!!!
  13. Cliff Hanger - one fender and some rocker dings.

    THIS WAS AWESOME!!!! Makes me wanna get out to Moab (but with lift/larger tires)!!!
  14. Anyone have MasterTop summer top plus wind blocker?

    I had the same issue at first as I installed mine when the window was down and top was too far forward. Once I loosened the front, the back fit much better and didn't pull off from the velcro. As a one-month review however, I had to keep tightening mine as it was getting looser/flapping...
  15. Ready Ramp

    Any updates on Ready Ramp? Anyone have a ramp that fits under MOPAR trifold hard tonneau?
  16. add struts to mopar hard tonneau cover?

    I’d like to know this as well or other options as I’m having mine installed by the dealership today. I plan on hauling motorcycles, trees, etc.
  17. Went on our side in Moab.

    I could definitely tell that in her voice! Glad you got through it safely :handsinair:
  18. Went on our side in Moab.

    LOL!!! It's just the rockers- it's OKAY... :LOL: