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  1. 20' Overland - 6.5" Lift + 43" tires

    Wow!! This is a wild build! I will definitely be following this. Looks like a lotta fun! I'd be very annoyed by that death wobble though.. hopefully you can get that resolved.
  2. How long have you owned your Gladiator? Still Love it?

    Bought my first Gladiator June 2020, traded it in February 2021 for a Ram 1500 Rebel, regretted my decision miserably for 2 months until I bought another Gladiator in April 2021. I plan on having my Mojave for a loooooong time. Most fun I've ever had in a vehicle (other than motorcycles of course).
  3. Wife got a 4xe! Awesome!

    My wife has the Pacifica hybrid. It is nice, and unbelievably quiet. I hope they put the hybrid pentastar in the Gladiator. I would consider getting it!
  4. White rubicon on 37s

    Right on! Looks good!
  5. Mojave Lift Options

    What he said, and Iron Rock Offroad has a 2" spacer lift. I'm getting the AEV spacer lift and geometry correction brackets installed on my Mojave tomorrow.
  6. Am I being an Ahole? What would you do?

    If I were you, I'd put that business on blast! Everyone here should know this business that way we don't experience the same nonsense you experienced. 4 months is far too long, especially when communication has been ignored. That is a HUGE red flag. Blast away my friend!!
  7. Jeep Wagoneer / Spartan Build [7 Seater Gladiator]

    Well this is just too freakin cool!! Love this! Job well done!
  8. My 21 Mojave journey

    Beautiful! Very sharp looking truck man. My AEV 2" lift and geo corection brackets get installed next week. Can't wait!
  9. New ride and Thank you!

    Right on! Congrats man. Looks good. Love the wheel/tire combo.
  10. From Taco to JTR!

    Yikes! 40's are going to look wild! Love those blue colored rings. That'll look very nice. More pictures installed!!
  11. Hello everyone! New JT

    Congrats and welcome!
  12. Gears????

    I had Dana Spicer 5.13 gears on my last Jeep. They were great. I hear Yukon makes good gears as well. I'll be going Yukon when I regear this summer.
  13. MOJAVE Edition Gladiator JT Club

    I am absolutely obsessed with my Mojave! It is getting a 2" spacer lift and 37's added this weekend. :)
  14. Mojave Lift Options

    I have the Iron Rock Offroad 2" spacer and shock extension lift coming this week. Definitely a very inexpensive option that seems to have amazing reviews. Doing the install this weekend myself, so we'll see how that goes.
  15. Did you see a unique G today?

    That looks like a lot of fun! I'd love to take out friends and family mudding in that thing!
  16. Goodbye, Silvertruck

    Congrats man! Price tag on those things is outrageous. Every dealer here in FL is asking thousands over MSRP. This car market right now is bonkers. Hope you got a killer deal on yours! I traded my 20' Gobi Gladiator for a 1500 Rebel in February. Loved the truck, but I was kicking myself in the...
  17. New member with my lil '21 Mojave!

    Congrats man! There is just something about a Jeep that no other vehicle can replace. I got rid of my 2020 Gladiator in February because I needed more space. I got a Ram 1500. Fast forward 3 months, I'm back in a 2021 Gladiator Mojave in Sarge Green and I'm back in love all over again. Ram was a...
  18. Dealer to avoid: Schumacher Chrysler/Jeep in Delray Beach FL

    In my experience, every south Florida dealership is just down right AWFUL. I can't stand the awful attitudes that every service and sales department has. They all act as if their sh*t don't stink. I have an appointment with Arrigo to investigate a hissing noise upon acceleration on Monday and I...
  19. AEV 2" spacer lift for Mojave Gladiator

    Not a single retailer I've found has the AEV kit for Mojave's in stock. This is frustrating.