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  1. Question about adding outlet to bed

    Ok great thanks. I also have the inverter and plug inside the cab, just wanted to add the bed outlet like you have. I use the Jscan though instead of Tazer so I need to figure out if it can be used to activate it
  2. Doors Off Mirrors

    Definitely the best option so far. I have them in the lower mount position closer to where the factory mirrors are. I went with the ball mount delete because I don't anticipate using it as a mount for anything.
  3. Leaking axle seal?

    This may be the first Willys on the thread, as far as I knew this was only the wider axles having this issue (rubi/mojave/max tow). Its a bummer they kept your JT. They looked at mine for a few minutes and gave it back after figuring out what to order. I'm still waiting for the call after they...
  4. Military Members

    USMC 08-12 ARFF, now a civilian firefighter
  5. Anyone going to Jeep Day at 508 Int. tomorrow?

    Only when they have Jeep days (typically every other Sunday) or other Jeep events. It's not everyday because they also have ATV/UTV/S&S and dirt bike days
  6. Rear TPMS receivers (not getting signal)

    Having this issue now. New DirtyLife DT-2 wheels with 35s and new OEM TPMS sensors installed. The truck won't register the rears at all, only the fronts. Swapped back to front and same thing so sensors are good. I tried airing them down to 20 psi, driving around, then came back and aired them to...
  7. STING GRAY Gladiator JT Club

    Just got the 35s on Dirtylife wheels
  8. Question about adding outlet to bed

    Did you figure out the fuse panel wiring? did you need to add that in addition with the parts list? also, has anyone tried to use Jscan to activate/flash it? Thanks
  9. Anyone going to Jeep Day at 508 Int. tomorrow? I ran this a few times last season with my 2006 TJ. It was a lot of fun, mostly stock friendly trails with other areas like hill climbs and rock gardens. I haven't been with the Gladiator yet but am thinking about going tomorrow. This is a privately owned...
  10. New tires with new TPMS, rears not registering

    did you ever resolve this issue?
  11. Am I being an Ahole? What would you do?

    This may be true to some, but I have mostly found the opposite. It's the big vendors who are tough to deal with because they don't even stock most of the items and rely on them shipping directly from the manufacturer. They can't accurately estimate shipping times or backorders. I've had good...
  12. Molle Panels for Bed

    I've been debating some panels also. There's a few threads for each of the brands, but no real comparison of ease of use, space behind panel, durability, mounting, etc. I know Motobilt has a set, Builtright Industries, 813 fabrication, and JCR to name a few. Some can mount to the bed in the...
  13. Leaking axle seal?

    this is worrisome where it sounds like it could be more of a housing issue than a seal issue since yours were replaced with the new shafts...
  14. MOJAVE Edition Gladiator JT Club

    ahhh, guess so! looks like you got a good deal. thanks
  15. MOJAVE Edition Gladiator JT Club

    where are you finding them for $220? Cheapest I've found is around $280/ea
  16. Control arm bracket protection

    I got the Rustys frame side skids and the RockHard control arms skids installed today. I too had to elongate the front hole in the Rustys. I tried the method others had mentioned but it wasn't even close. All the RH skids went on easily, my only complaint is that they didn't supply a longer...
  17. Leaking axle seal?

    Finally got mine into the dealer this morning. They haven't seen the issue yet with any other gladiators. They first tried telling me it wasn't leaking even though the entire RR wheel is covered in oil. I met with the foreman who agreed that it was leaking. They ordered the new axle with the...
  18. Black fender flares instead of body color

    I wanted the black fenders for my sting-gray but could only find it with body color on the lots. I too was worried about chips and scratches but have found the paint on the plastic fenders more durable than it is on the body. The rears came with a 3M plastic covering on the frontside to protect...
  19. Bed cover with rack

    Would you happen to have the part numbers used? I really like this option, but I think I would like to go with the tray option rather than the crossbars to take advantage of the numerous accessory options. I love the look of the rack, but my roof top tent is the same size as my bed, so putting...
  20. The All New BAK Revolver X4s - Information and Group Buy

    Its a great cover. this issue just started and I'm going to mess with the adjustment a little more before I contact them, I haven't quite figured out what's causing it.