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  1. Am I being an Ahole? What would you do?

    Best response above Who knows what's going on their end? Medical issue, family death, ran away to the caymans with a mistress. regardless of that, I'd find an alternate solution.
  2. Free standing top removal system

    Do you have the option to purchase a soft top? If so, you could get someone to help And store it in a public storage unit. Or depending on where you live you could probably sell the hard top or trade it with cash to you.
  3. Lost Second Gear Again!!

    Nearly 30k miles on mine and no issues so far. I'm really not that good of a driver either... Good luck though. Let us know how it turns out.
  4. 37s with 2 inch lift and tires hitting a plastic while fully stering

    I'd suggest finding a body and parking lot and try to see if you can find it. I have a Rubi with 37"on stock rims AND stock lift. I don't have any rubbing on the street. Tires are General Grabbers x3
  5. Michigan CJ-10

  6. Quadratec Gladiator Giveaway Damn! I personally love that grill as per the above concept. I'd change it in a heartbeat
  7. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    First, watch the video on Quadratec's website. That was helpful. Second, don't underestimate the power of heat/sun making it easier to stretch Third, when installing the headrest covers, be careful. I ripped one at the seams. My recommendation is to get it started and then slide it on...
  8. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    I love seeing the weather warm up and everyone increasing the Mods. Surprised to see I was many pages behind in this thread. I installed my new PRP seat covers. My previous ride was the 10th Anniversary Rubicon JKU that had tthe red leather seats. I missed those. These look brighter in the...
  9. JP's Super-Duper-Gladiator Build Thread

    That's what she said
  10. Motorcycle riders? What do you ride? Pic/Info Thread!

    06 R1 track bike. 16 R1 for street. Both in the anniversary edition livery.
  11. Running board sliders

    Real quality work! The brackets are really beefy. The wait was long but worth it Found another benefit of these things. With the doors off, I've got a spot to rest my foot and don't have to put on for pegs.
  12. Running board sliders

    I just installed the LOD Armorlites Rock sliders. The reasons I chose this: Aluminum construction... Have had steel sliders on previous JKs and ask have eventually rusted regardless of powder coating. Curves...
  13. Glad(iator) Dogs! Let's see 'em!

    Beauty. Is it an active SAR dog? Been wanting to get into that but couldn't find anyone local to work with. Local Scutzhund club were a bunch of stuck up snobs... pedigree...blah blah blah
  14. Glad(iator) Dogs! Let's see 'em!

    Here's my 10 month old Dobie. I've had two rotties in the past, but Diesel is my first Dobie.
  15. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Installed new soft top as I only had the hard top last year. Installed LOD Armor Lite rock sliders. Soft top had my pup's approval.
  16. Gator AEV build

    I like the spare tire mount. Nice build!
  17. Need a winch bumper...

    Rugged Ridge Venator
  18. Cargo Net style sunshade?

    Containment. Either for dogs or gear when off road. Looks is a factor as well for sure... Like 60% of mods of we're honest with ourselves
  19. **ALL NEW** LOD Offroad Armor Lite Rock Sliders - Coming Soon!!!

    Ordered from Quadratic... Backordered...ugh. the wait is killing me!
  20. Cargo Net style sunshade?

    Here you go. I've been looking for the same thing and these just came available. I plan to use these when roles and have the dogs in the back.