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    Kaiser-Willys Jeep
    Gladiator Pick Up Truck (SJ)
    Tornado Six Cyl w Holley Carb
    3 on a Tree (4:27 rear end)
    Sta Super Traxion L78-15
    This is in progress. Truck will let me know what to do next... I'll post updates here...

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  1. 5JeepsAz

    Progress! Uploaded pics of the tonneau cover. Cindy is getting 30 year old furniture, repurposed. So it's sturdy enough, vintage enough for this funky beats Jeep Truck build. Need weight in the back so that's fine, went heavy. Two storage spaces, a map drawer. A table top. Slot for eight foot items. The turf is because that stuff is tough, can weather exposure to the elements, heavy enough to stay put. Bonus is can be used on the ground cover as can the table for picnic and camping. Sleepable! All in all, plywood rated!
  2. 5JeepsAz

    Happy Labor Day!

    Door card pic uploaded. Still an old truck, so not perfect by any means, but those door cards are Rare in that age and condition. Very happy with the door cards. I can refer to upholstery guy.

    Paint pic uploaded. Every problem is in there. You can see original paint, patina, pits, scratches, rust. The Plan is to chase down location of the original red paint, reveal it, and back off at first indication of "not red", leaving either patina or rust. It takes about 15 minutes to reveal a fist sized or smaller area. So when that process is complete, we will see what she looks like all cleaned up, keep it if it's cool, and paint it it's not. Haven't found a detailed who will work with me on that plan, so it's DIY.

    I did the foam bath, rinse, repeat, clay bar (glove), some compound, and my secret sauce from Lukat detail com which works best but is still painstaking with this much patina. The most effective stuff is actually Easy Off. Seriously. But it also burns down to bare metal in an eye blink. I'm using mostly turtle wax products. Bug remover. Label remover. Foam. Degreaser. Every damn thing I can think of. Learning curve.

    PLYWOOD!!! So I repurposed a 90's rustic bed for the bed rails.LMAO. I blame all of you! Also using the same stuff for my tool box. Pics uploaded.
  3. 5JeepsAz

    Wow!!! So the new shoes arrived today. I threw them in the back. Yup. Just up and tossed fives tires in my JT bed. lol. As if that's not good enough, some pit crew had them on the truck in minutes.

    New learning, under bed spare tire carriers in the day aren't slung from center, they attach on one end with a T shaped tightener that goes in a slot. Now, Cindy has a mod from earlier days. The T shaped screw ,(fits in your hand) is rebar! I'll try to age the thing. Clearly not factory.

    I drive her home. Like Butter... Period correct tires and she sits and drives perfectly. Weird, I felt safer on these bad boys. And, true to rumors, bias plies wander the hell all over. But man, new shoes was a good move. Pic posted.

    Paint is fascinating. some of the base coat now showing. There's red under a good bit off the thick ass lacquer of age. pics to come.

    I will post a picture of a door cards. Looks decent.

    Coming along...
  4. 5JeepsAz

    Started the interior today. Cleaned, not detailed. Years of grime, maybe decades. Looks better. Installed door cards. Upholstery dude worked a miracle. Cindy has the best original door cards of any 64 I have seen. Points! So.. interior is functional...

    Tires. going with Coker STA Super Traxion | L78-15 | STA. Bias ply, but period correct. Need to order

    Going to try an old wooden bed for the bedsiderails. lol. Could work, maybe not!

    Needs a/c from JeepAir. Portable a/c might work elsewhere, not in desert heat.

    Brakes sucked again today. Problem.

    Add modernize to electronic ignition, points, whatever.

    Add valve job.

    Needs over drive. Need four gears.

    Washed her today. I'm going to chase the red paint wherever it goes, and leave the patina where there ain't no red. Might take months, an inch and a cotton swab at a time. This weekend results are about half foot of orig red paint revealed. Once all the red shows, it'll be time to decide if a new coat of that original gold paint would be better.

    Budget. Good, but soon will be time to decide if this is resto mod grande...
  5. 5JeepsAz
    Dang it's good to be in a Jeep truck!

    F'd up and died in a left turn lane. Instead of calling AAA this time I knew what the trouble was about. Got it going, which was better than last time it died. User error both times maybe. got it through the intersection, pulled into empty parking lot. The mechanic told me the ebrake is fubar, he had to crack it with a hammer to unstick the drums. Of course all I have is a fucking plywood pizza slice and an old radiator, no hammer. Well I kicked the plywood until the lever pulled the cable at least stopping the brake from more tight. YouTube tells me to roll back and forth to loosen a sticky drum. Problem solved.

    Agreed yesterday with the garage to have the correct parts on hand before scheduling any mods. Guess I should have known that. Parts availability the key to resto. So possibles are many: a/c from Jeep Air; overdrive; transfer to four on the floor; power disc brakes; power steering; paint it gold or copper.

    Went to Walmart. They have to order tires I want. Means I might as well order straight from Coker. Feel better about that. Went to AutoZone. Bought a bunch of cleaning supplies. Got home and slathered the test area. Finally got some red. This is going to be hours and hours on paint reveal. Pins and needles about it. Right now it has a color coat and patina. Fugly, but there. I go and satisfy myself only to end up with a few red places and a ton of metal. Is that good? Who knows. What I do know is it's a compulsion. Been out there with a cotton ball and some chemical several times. So we will see. Got one gorgeous red streak, wife was like damn, can't you do that over here too?
  6. 5JeepsAz
    I feel the need to post this, dear reader, to shift forward.

    So I wanted that 2005 immediately. Waited a decade plus. But I have a stubborn streak. Won't pay over forty grand for any vehicle OTD.

    Mules? Watched every vid, zoomed every pic.

    Reveal? Watched with popcorn. Impressed.

    Price? Struggled along with the crowd. Built me three JTs on the tool. All ready for. price.

    Bought a multi tool.

    Saw JT at a boat type show. Crawled over it. LOVE.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I'm deep dive into resto. Always wanted to. Figured if they price me out, I'll be ready.

    They priced me out. I had a resto lined up. Bought it.

    Then it goes in the shop from April to August. And LE happens. And I want LE. Will get used one.

    So now today. I have what I wanted. A two door long bed Badass Jeep Truck.

    Okay. Said and done. Shifting forward! The build begins...
  7. 5JeepsAz

    Spent about an hour with her tonight after driving her in traffic, frontage road, for over an hour today.

    Here's about the drive, tires, a/c, paint, and door cards.

    I have this portable a/c hooked to the battery for which I need to look up instructions. On a fifty-four year old truck my big concern is you have to push the circle with a line 3 times to activate the modern air conditioning or to turn off. While shifting a column shifter? Please. So I have no idea if it will cut the heat. It was blowing but it may have been just fan.

    This paint is tricky. Red is under there. I'm endeavoring to surface the red.

    Tires. So they are made 2010. And they have the little nubby hairs like new ones. ? Replacing as soon as I find some bias ply. Supposedly Walmart sells vintage Coker tires, which makes me sad, but I'm going there to see them first, and I'll buy em. Going full resto for tires, for now. Will post pics.

    So some guru fixed my door cards awhile ago. Awesome job. Imagine straightening shrink wrap after it is shrunk. Dude did that so I paid him. So they need to go on. First I need to make sure the windows roll up and grease everything and check the paint since that's the best color on the truck.

    Drive. Wow. This thing does traffic ok. Eliminate driver error and it is fixed. They addressed the radiator for desert heat, bitchin install. I can replace original and you'd never know a newer one was ever there. Alternator is built for the truck and new. Used to be a generator! New oil and grease done. Oil leaked addressed. So on frontage road it did fine. There is a hell of a resonance somewhere early in third gear. I think I need to time my shifts better.

    This thing is an old truck. It's loud. It creaks. It groans. It rattles. Heaven!
  8. 5JeepsAz

    Cindy is in the wild! Got the call to pick her up today. Drove around sweating in the AZ heat. Throwing gears. Awesome!
  9. 5JeepsAz
    Personalized Plates. I

    I'm in the camp that says keep the original plates visible and add this era's required plates personalized to fit the truck, rather than just standard issue new plates.

    So on the front it'll keep it's orig black and yellow Cali plate, because classic.

    On back it gets a new AZ personal plate "ARETE".

    Arete (Greek: ἀρετή), in its basic sense, means "excellence of any kind".[1] The term may also mean "moral virtue".[1] In its earliest appearance in Greek, this notion of excellence was ultimately bound up with the notion of the fulfillment of purpose or function: the act of living up to one's full potential.

    And, NOUN. 'a sharp mountain ridge'.

    Cindy, the perfection of JT in its time, meant for high up places.
  10. 5JeepsAz

    Door Cards. There's a picture above. So it came with original door cards. They need a cleanup and resto. The backs are old plyboard which is delaminated and uneven. Though it's stapled and fitted, so the better option may be strengthening the backing while retaining the original. Sort of sandwich a new backing between door metal and whole original door card /vinyl. Issues are removing the smell of the original (moldy) and adding a layer of insulation for desert heat and flattening the whole sandwich. I'll be watching YouTube!
  11. 5JeepsAz
    Getting your PhD in Detailing.

    So easily spent 50 hours of YouTube and reading, here's all about detailing knowledge, planning, partners, and implementation. LMAO.

    The knowledge. Metal, primer, paint, protection are the layers. Layers heat, cool, bond, behave independently and uniquely, however, each is bonded to adjacent layer. Chemical and physical weathering occurs. Informed restoration practice inlcudes loose junk, bonded contaminants, internal decay, surface evening, and polishing. Human activity over decades influences the exisiting ply structure. Hard life worse wrinkles. Sort of like plywood, really old plywood. Try making old plywood look new and you realize quite a bit about restoring old paint.

    Planning to make old paint look, er, better? Supplies, materials, time, place. If you have surface particles loose upon your paint, you plan for a hose off. If you have decades of pollutants bonded to various letters of your paint, you plan for chemicals. You will plan for evening up the paint surface, fltat reflects beauty, and yours ain't flat unless you make it so #2, considering of course, if you make it flat with just one pebble grasshopper that dust pebble will scratch what you are trying to flatten. Make time, takes multiple efforts.

    Partners. Pay an old pro. Your new buddies at the coffee corner weekend show all know someone. Detail shop employing the new and strong? Do it yourself, then go to step one to fix what you don't know how.

    Do it.

    1. Rinse.
    2. Foam.
    3. Rinse
    (Repeat until loose junk is gone)
    4. Degreaser spray on.
    5. Rinse
    (Repeat until bonded contaminants are gone)
    6. Mr. Clean Sponge
    (This is the first time you've touched truck, no pressure, just lifting off oxidant.)
    7. Rinse.
    8. Clay bar mitt
    (Gently as an mfer, this is only to remove a micron so whatever paint is left is even surface).
    8. Polish with old school bees wax, maybe.

    Whenever I get Cindy back, this is the current plan.
  12. 5JeepsAz
    Lol. 2nd time I wrote a whole post then lost it. Need auto save! Okay, so Memorial day weekend and Cindy's in the garage .... Bummer but worth the wait!
  13. 5JeepsAz
    Goal? So in that time, if I'm keeping her original, the guy would wash his work truck for a date. That was about it. Nobody was showing or hot rodding or low riding a Jeep Gladiator. Thus the goal is factory or showroom paint shine, jeep style, meaning not too bright, not too shiny, but enough so she notices you washed the truck. Whatever parts of her I can get to showroom floor level shine, probably interior, great. Whatever else gets the old truck finish, shiny but not near new shine. As for patina, she is perfect right now so not touching areas where there is no paint will keep the decades old rust look. And, if I fuck it up or it doesn't look right, I'll save up for a paint job which will cost as much as I paid for the vehicle, placing me squarely in the more in it than it's worth category. If you go to AutoZone and look at the clean and shine section, the number of products will tell why this is important. I can only select one out of a hundred products. And this one guy on YouTube said no you can't use dish soap because it removes lipids like grease and we want to keep our paint fatty so it don't dry out. This paint and detail thing is serious fucking business!! Lol. Love this truck! PS, don't interrupt your wife to share the realization that clear coat changed the chemical nature of truck cleaning. It is possible this is not of her particular concern.
  14. 5JeepsAz
    Paint. Been studying on it. Fully realize this matters to almost nobody. Here we go. So clear coat is a second stage of paint process. After it's introduction, clear coat changed the manner of waxation. Old days, dude with a rag, soap, and some wax could get the shine. That was back in the days of one stage paint process, just paint! Seems obvious, but it took me hours of you tube to figure out. Ok, so, Cindy. I've got one shot to remove oxidized paint, leaving just a layer of corrected original paint. In some cases microns. Meaning? Cindy has everything from factory red inside the doors, probably same thickness as factory, all the way to bare metal, with every paint thickness in between. Variables are rust corroding from under the paint, previous efforts to get the paint right including swirls from sand paper, different chemicals applied, oxidation of zero to 100%, and time delay. Different people trying to solve the paint at different years and stopping because they did not wish to mess it up, all the while the untouched portions continued to oxidized and rust apace. Result? Cindy has about 20 different paint jobs on her, having said already it originates from one factory paint job.
  15. 5JeepsAz
    Okay downside of resto is truck lives at the garage. Haven't seen her in too long. Want to get busy fixing the door panels. They are original but not installed. Hey - four wheel drive is functional according to mechanic. More news if I ever get her back .the wait isn't on the scale of waiting for JT price .. yet. But it's getting there.