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    Kaiser-Willys Jeep
    Gladiator Pick Up Truck (SJ)
    Tornado Six Cyl w Holley Carb
    3 on a Tree (4:27 rear end)
    Sta Super Traxion L78-15
    This is in progress. Truck will let me know what to do next... I'll post updates here...

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  1. 5JeepsAz

    WTf?!? It's 2020? OMG. Yeah, well. Happy New Years Jeep Truck Nation. Went with the four brake conversion to disc. So... Disc brakes, air conditioning, electronic ignition, electronic fuel pump, new instrument cluster, modern power outlet (all parts at the shop to be installed), new radiator, new converted alternator to generator, new bias ply tires (installed). And paint and a plywood rated tonneau. Very excited to drive this! Any day now... Pics when it happens!
  2. 5JeepsAz

    Perhaps in one short month we will have some pictures of this round, completed and road Worthy. It's an old two step.. step one: The trusty mechanic is completing what's on hand. So that's good! And then, step two, you guessed it. Brakes. Guess what? We might be back to a disc conversion. Yep.
  3. 5JeepsAz

    A letter to a friend:

    J, I am going to miss you buddy. I am sorry for your mom, and your little girl. For your boss who called you a son, and your mates at the shop, customers and friends. The world is lesser without you. I know you were just doing your work, meeting me, assessing my auto repair needs, helping me with this truck build. Because of you it turned into talks about loves, talks about God, talks about life. Two things make me happy that make me sad also. I was at your shop one time watching you help some poor souls who could not afford the repair, but needed it done to get to work in that car. I saw you maintain their peace of mind, understand their family, preserve their dignity. That was sage work in these times where too often profit overcomes people. Happy because it inspired me to help others later that week, following your example. Sad because you are gone, and although you were a young dude your way directly made an old dude like me be better to others. Thank you. And, now, for the hard part. Your girl. I know she is suffering agony of loss right now, and this makes me so sad. My tears won't matter to her, but her tears at age 8 will define, for her, the day she lost her dad for all her lifetime. Why happy? Because she had you as a father. I know in my heart and by my faith that this young girl will be okay because her dad was a good man, a decent, loving soul. So, everytime I drive Cindy, a little bit of you will be along for the ride. Thank you for helping me with this dream truck. Peace Brother. God Bless You.
  4. 5JeepsAz

    Thumb twiddling time. Saw Cindy at the shop this week. Parts and boxes everywhere! So the location of the a/c compressor is sorted but it took a second compressor still Sanden w different style with the tubes out the back this time and a changeover to an electronic fuel pump to get situated. Lost the original 4WD light display under dash but will be relocated, a screw in. Interestingly, the original tub for the glove box is made out of the same cardboard as door cards so it is pre plastic! Gonna soak it in something, fiberglass or clear coat or whatever to keep original but reinforce. Brakes are an ongoing nightmare so whatever works last stays on. Such a simple truck, she's a beauty. Alright, rant: this thing was rated at 17mpg in 1964 so all this tech bs on modern vehicles is a ginormikus waste of brain power; all that engineering could have gone into a climate machine we could have been perfecting for that last 50 years; I'm gonna get better gas mileage with no tech than modern vehicles, global warming solution still in committee. End rant. More as it happens!
  5. 5JeepsAz

    ok so there are no NOS or replacement brakes or brake parts. Going to modernize but keep drum style brakes. I wanted to change to discs but everything, for me, added up to these drums will work fine when repaired and maintained. Adding an electronic fuel pump. The air-conditioning bracket fits better with it over original. This build is quickly becoming more mod than resto, but damn I want to drive this truck. Visited it in the shop and my heart jumped as I walked up to it. I love it!! Lmao. Adding that strong react to list of getting old and sentimental thing.
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  6. 5JeepsAz

    Well Cindy is in the shop. Admire you DIYers, but a man's got to know his limitations etcetera. Anyway, the treasure hunt for a/c bracketry ended up with two brackets in a box with a compressor dropped off today. One is a set of horn shaped sidings with a curved slat for positioning, all ready for welding. The other is a base plate with holes that match the Sanden compressor. So with a fitted base plate and some fins to fabricate from, the resto guy should be able to do it. Funny to me that nobody seems to know where this thing bolted to the engine. And an instrument panel came with the truck. So advised, I took it to get tested. Good thing. Speedo was doubling up. So that's being done and then that will go on this visit too. Steadily moving along here...
  7. 5JeepsAz
    Happy Veteran's Day Weekend. To all the Veterans and to your families and friends, thank you for your service and especially thank you for your sacrifices for my freedoms in America and the world. Thank you. God Bless.
  8. 5JeepsAz

    Update: Peeps I am lining up parts for the final build to make Cindy my daily. Havd the ignitor II electronic ignition, it showed up on the site when I put in the Tornado 230 OHC engine; got the heater A/C no compressor kit from Jeep Air; going to get the replacement instrument panel that came with the truck checked for functioning before install. Still need to source compressor and bracket for this rare engine.

    Comment dog: why include all of Cindy's PII on a public forum? Because the more folks who know, the more likely I get back my Cindy after someone 'borrows' her; a stolen truck or pieces of this truck would show up somewhere and I'm hopeful you'd let me know so we could serve up some Justice if need be. Because knowledge is meant to be shared; I've made a million mistakes on this build and hopefully you avoid some. Because Bros it is another bad ass Jeep Truck build. Enjoy!
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  9. 5JeepsAz

    Value, budget, theft.

    I bought a $5,800 truck , put $4,200 into it, now it's worth about $7,500. I'm going to put five more into it and then stop. My investment will be $15,000, and the truck would sell for $10,000. I'm good with it. Problem of theft. If they pull up with a trailer they will haul it off in minutes and it'll be gone out of country in a day. That would suck. Short of that, I've got it boxed in most of the time, so there will be secure. One risk is parking lots. End off the day, it's worth less than I put into it, and I expect that. So whether it gets stolen or I sell it on, I'll never make the money back. That puts it into the enjoyment category. "Glad I have Cindy for today" type of thinking. I'll keep telling myself that!
  10. 5JeepsAz

    So the jeep fever continues. Thought I'd be cured along with the paint. You know what today is? Time to start finding a mounting bracket for the Jeep Air, heater and air conditioning unit. They can supply all the parts but 3 manufactures say they can't do a mounting bracket. wth?!? So now trying to learn what the big deal is about a mounting bracket. I'm assuming it's the compressor. Maybe look at early Cherokees for samples? lol. Jeep fever baby!
  11. Trippin01
    that is gonna be so much fun to cruise around in!
    1. 5JeepsAz
      Total blast! It's also kinda sedating on the side roads. These tires are kick ass. My first bias plies and they are cool. Hit the freeway for an exit and ran the frontage road. Doing good at speed. Build going well, today!
      5JeepsAz, Oct 20, 2019
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  12. 5JeepsAz

    Here she is. had to color correct the pics to get closer to real deal, but she is exactly what I aimed for.

    MAACO did perfectly what I described. See Robert in Glendale Az and his crew. Painter has 17 years in that shop, his tech 15. Superb people.

    So happy with this build!
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  13. 5JeepsAz
    Sneak peak paint!!! Before and after ... Get her back Saturday...
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  14. 5JeepsAz

    Paint insanity almost over.

    Feeling of relief after finally deciding:

    So I am all set. Simple solution. Paint it red, keep it original. Too many issues with color change. I'm going enamel so if it stays nice, great. It will be a period correct, original color repaint resto.

    As for the new paint going bad, peeling, fading, if it gets bad even better, I know where the good petina is underneath, so I know what new paint can be sanded off to go with that look by revealing only what I want underneath.

    So next time you see her, Cindy will be red!
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  15. 5JeepsAz

    Absolutely. Positively.

    I know what I'm doing! At this minute, the paint will be put on top of the patina, so as not to remove any originality! This means no stripping. Just scuff it and throw on some single stage. Color is pending. That's what I woke up with. My new plan! I watched a bunch of vintage truck parades on YouTube, is what happened. See, the single stage crowd has period correctness. They didn't do Bondo on a Jeep. They painted some thick, lasting slop that was as functional as anything else. Cindy is a Townside model, meaning not straight off the field, so she would have been waxed for the drive in on Friday night and passable nice. Of course, I reserve rights to change my mind after this cup of coffee.
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