Dirty Pavement Princess

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    Stone White
    4.0 6cyl
    31" Definity Dakota Mud terrains on 15x7 AR23 wheels with 3.75 BS
    Factory Gambler wheels in storage waiting for next set of shoes (32x11.5 goodyear MTR) +spacers
    VIN pull shows the Ravine wheel but it came with Gamblers... may have been at dealership level to complete the sale with original purchaser
    Safe-T-Cap full section frame repair performed to repair salt damage at t-case and rear control arm mounts.
    3" Rusty's springs (plan to replace with 2.5 inch springs)
    Skyjacker Hydro 8000 shocks for 2-4" lift (may change to nitrogens)
    rear trackbar bracket (will be changed to adjustable trackbar in the future)
    Skyjacker lower control arms for 2-4" lift
    NONE still makes plenty of power with the 4.0 and factory 3.73 gears and tire size
    Painted headlight bezels black
    upgraded headlights to KC's H4 units with replaceable bulbs 42301's I think
    upgraded taillights to KC1001 and a custom touch with grote dual intensity LED's in the side of the housings that light up as park lamps, blinkers, and stop lamps.
    added light duty aftermarket hitch receiver
    Trail mirrors for when the doors are off
    Just the stereo
    Need to replace shift lever boot
    plan to put air pressure guage in center console near tc shift lever where previous owner had a hole drilled for a set of KC's on the windshield that sadly weren't included in the sale :(
    Kenwood receiver with Bluetooth connectivity and USB port
    Kenwood 4x6 speakers in dash
    Kenwood 6.5 speakers in roll bar
    Purchased used in 2015 with 122k miles for USD $ 4,000 with a salt damaged frame at the rear control arm mounts and transmission skid plate and a grinding noise from the rear differential. The rest of this Jeep at time of purchase was for lack of a better description NEAR MINT the bottom of the tub showed barely any signs of rust inside or out, the front fenders only had 1 small rust spot and the engine ran beautifully. I looked this Jeep over with a fine toothed comb and I knew that I just couldn't pass this one up so I made my offer, paid the seller, and got it home that evening. As the seller and I were completing the transaction for the purchase we began talking a little about the history of this Jeep and during it I almost wanted to agree to the original asking price which was only 500 more. His parents were the original purchasers of this Jeep in Florida to pull behind their motorhome and he had inherited it upon their passing. Most of the miles on the Jeep had apparently been placed on the odometer by his parents, since the only time he claimed he would drive it was when it snowed. After hearing this, I immediately knew why it was in the condition it was in and it only reaffirmed that feel good feeling you get when you find that great deal on a well cared for used Jeep regardless of that nasty grinding noise. That grinding noise by the way turned out to be the inner pinion bearing and through another stroke of luck my employer was gracious enough to allow me to repair it in the parking lot and I would work on it in the evenings after my shift. Layla spends her time now as my daily driver, sitting in that same parking lot ready to go on the occasional light trail ride to give her a mud bath for her beauty treatments.

    Looks like a trip to the shop is in order for some new rear brake lines, exhausted all resources I had available to me to make a driveway repair for new wheel cylinders. Luckily I've already got all the parts except for the lines so the only thing I'll be charged for is the lines and labor.

    Update 5/3/2018 Got the brake lines all set before winter, and had to replace the thermostat after sticking open on one of the coldest nights we had. Time to drop the top and take her for a cruise now that the weather is warming up.

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  1. ModdedJK
    Love it! Thanks for sharing.
    1. JeepinGeorge
      Another Garage soon to be posted as well as some more pictures for this one. Stay tuned
      JeepinGeorge, Apr 6, 2017