Rare optioned example 1970 Javelin SST

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American Motors
Javelin SST
Mosport green
Rally Pack, Go-Pack, SST
AC, floor shift automatic, console, ram air, tilt wheel, limited slip, tinted glass, rally pack, go-pack, dual exhaust, HD suspension, power disk brakes, power steering, rim-blow steering wheel
I bought this car in February 2005. It was a survivor with 24,000 original miles. After I got it home I discovered it had blown #5 due to detonation. Apparently that was a common "problem" with the 1970 390 as it had high compression and didn't do so well on gas below 93 octane. I ended up tearing it down to find it wasn't the first time so it had to be sleeved in #5 and 2 cylinders and bored .040 over to even things out. I put on 1971 heads to lower the compression a bit, changed the radiator to a 3 row core radiator. I also added the 1971+ free-flow exhaust manifolds, the dealer option "sidewinders" side pipe exhaust, and a Comp Xtreme energy cam.
Over the course of a few years I totally rebuilt the suspension, steering, rear differential (originally to do cosmetic restoration for show, but ended up going all out with all new bearings and seals, etc.) I rebuilt the brakes all around like I do with most of my cars. I powder coated all of the parts I could fit into my own oven and had another shop powder coat the front cross member. Brake backing plates on the rear were powder coated, and I re-plated many of the original fasteners as I do zinc plating and some nickel plating as well. I try to keep original fasteners with the correct head markings where possible.
The paint was weathered and the quarter panels were just beginning to show signs of rust typical with this body style. The lower part of the quarter panels behind the wheels were cut out and reproduction patch panels butt-welded into place. The result was so straight and clean filler was not needed. In the trunk I simply found the correct trunk paint and repainted the parts of the trunk that were effected by the repairs (not cheap or easy to find, only one company in the US sells it that I am aware of)
Due to age the windshield wiper motor had lost it's nice yellow zinc color and I happened to have a new old stock wiper motor and I replated the wiper motor mounting plate in fresh yellow zinc and installed them a couple of years ago.

Factory options are listed above - which included the landau vinyl top (not common) full gauges, and a 140 mph speedometer, heavy duty front suspension, sport wheels, factory ram air and more.
Dealer options include the stainless steel trim around the front door glass, rear window defogger, the gear ratio was dealer changed from 2.87 to 3.15 for $10 according to the dealer invoice, torque links (traction devices that also control wheel hop, and were normally factory installed on the AMX could be installed by dealers)

I sold the car to a guy in Texas in October 2019. The car was pretty well-known nationally due to the rare combination of options, low miles (32,000 documented miles when I sold it) and my reputation on restoration work so selling it took only days.

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