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  1. The All New BAK Revolver X4s - Information and Group Buy

    The All-New BAK Revolver X4s If you are familiar with BAK then you already know about their top-of-the-line covers. We are proud to introduce the newest cover being added to the Revolver line-up is the new and improved Revolver X4, the Revolver X4s! The Revolver series of truck bed covers are...
  2. Tonneau Cover Buying Guide

    Tonneau Cover Buying Guide Hello all! I've viewed several posts recently with members asking which cover should they buy? While it's impossible to compile every cover and comparison into a single post, I wanted to put together a general guide to assist in making a decision. I'm going to try to...
  3. Michigan Rough Country Low Profile Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

    GREAT tri-fold hard cover! Locks for security purposes Keeps your bed DRY - drove in a complete down pour with harsh winds, and my bed was completely dry! I was amazed! Looks great too!