1. RSE Gen 3 Step Slider Installation 2020 JT

    Hello. Just wanted to share that I finally received my RSE Gen 3 Step Sliders, and the installation did not go as planned. First of all, after waiting 3 weeks, the steps arrived at my local 4wp. I picked up the 3 boxes, which were undamaged, and unpacked the steps when I got home. I quickly...
  2. Rock Slide Engineering Gen III Install

    To keep the next person from making the same mistake… wiring harness routes up through the rear floorboard on the JT. Instructions weren’t clear and all the videos I found were on JLs. So after snaking everything through the front, I get to begin again.
  3. AMP XL vs Rockslide Engineering

    So I couldn’t decide on which automated steps I would get so I decided to buy both try them both on and return one. They both look pretty good it really just depends on what you’re looking for, I would love for someone to design a slim automated step/rock rail that actually provides protection...