7 day road trip from N. AL though MS, LA, around in TX.


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Jan 7, 2020
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N. AL.
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I planned a short trip with camping along the way to visit family I haven't seen since 1993-95 in TX. and then back. Got started little later than I initially planned due to pick up of few things and set up a appointment to Line-X my RLD topper doors. So I had to unload and reload gear.
My planned route was to Follow the Natchaz Trace and camping out along it. With main goal of no I-State or express roads just to see the country. Camping out with my Tent-Cot. Part reason is to refine my camping gear again since change in vehicle from my LJ.
Following it great views speed max 50 MPH JT was getting 27 MPG 🤗 for the win vs 16 MPG. More later. Now on my failure I'm long over due for new camera(s) since my past years of the "Overlanding" that was earlier Digital video camcorder days. So not many pictures took and no video.
On to Louisiana stuck with highways and like not many places open to visit (Sunday) so no stop by Elvis spots 🤗 and needing to on to TX. Speed stepped up mpg still doing great average speed 50-60 still pushing 25-27 MPG 👍 crossing in to TX hwy and country roads that have a lot of curves hills traffic speed jumps to posted 75 MPH 😳 and no me and JT wasn't planning on that not a scenic drive. Being I was wanting to get to see stuff as driving and then the speed limits would change from 75 to 60 then to 35 🙄 the jump back up going into a curves that you need to slow to under 45 unless you're driving a sports car. Needless to say my MPG's dropped off like a rock to under 20 MPG.
I ended up staying longer with family than planned so trip home route was changed to use I-State 😒 driving distance and time of drive was longer and slower. 😲 I-State though TX was limited to 60 with load of Trooper's out. A stop in Louisiana for trail walk.... Trail closed.... Oh well I'll drive on.
Odd occurrence with the Jeep I started smelling hot / burning oil???? Checked oil pressure temp ect. Noticed a spike in oil temperature when I smelled it 3 times. Oil temp 203° then drop off to 194-197 not working the Jeep hard just driving. Now knowing the dash gauge for oil pressure is a "just make you warm and fuzzy" thing it holds at 30-31 psi. Trip of around 2000 miles.