Below Invoice Pricing--Midwest Customers


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spencer heywood
Mar 31, 2019
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spirit lake iowa
every gladiator you could want
Hi all,

While we are still awaiting official pricing from Jeep (as far as margins and discounts are concerned) I'd be happy to help you with the purchase of your new Gladiator.

If Jeep follows the same pricing guides as the JL wrangler our deal will be the same as it was for the JL wrangler forum.

5% below invoice with an active tread lightly membership.

$75 doc fee

We offer financing options, or you can bring your own bank, your decision

$500 non-refundable deposit, that deposit goes towards the final price of your Gladiator

I try to keep it as up front and simple as possible. I don't like the stereotypical dealer BS, I tell our people the more we can be like Amazon the more vehicles we will sell and it has worked out amazing well.

I have many references from the JL wrangler forum if you'd like to speak with any of them about their experiences.

My Email is the best form of contact [email protected]

Or if you need to reach me at the store the number is 712-336-2701

I look forward to meeting you in person with your new Gladiator

Spencer Heywood
Motor Inn of Spirit Lake