Black Friday 2023!! 25% OFF ...and more!

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Dec 28, 2021
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Jeep Gladiator Black Friday 2023!! 25% OFF  ...and more! BF23-JGF

Black Friday! We wait all year for the sale of all sales.

This year we're going straight 25% on ALL graphics orders, no minimum. And, if you spend $250 or more you'll be the first to receive our newest item, UG Wrap Care in a 4oz bottle! As always, IPC (Install Protection Care) is included with all our graphics. And, FREE shipping with $75.00. If you're unsure of what you want, grab a gift card for future use (they are good for 1 year from purchase).

As a new forum sponsor, we've been a bit inactive, but we assure you, we are here and willing to answer any questions. We have a lot of custom offerings not on our website, so if you see something you like here, there, or anywhere, but want the peace of mind of our quality graphics, just reach out to us directly. We can do it.

All of our graphics are cut from premium cast wrap vinyl, typically 3M 2080, but also Avery and Orafol (depending on color). Even our transfer film is premium Airmask. All graphics are cut to shape and ready to install. Installation videos are available on our YouTube channel for you to watch and decide if this is something you want to install or have a professional do for you. However, take into consideration that extra insurance we provide with IPC (Install Protection Care). Why all this detail on the material and specifics? Quality and customer service matter.

Feel free to call us directly, email or message myself, @LuisRecio or Michelle if you have any questions.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Greg :)

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