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Jan 7, 2019
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Hello Everyone,

My name is Greg and my Wife is Crystal. We run a vLog channel called MR & MRS OVERLANDER on youtube. Here is the link if you want to check it out:

Mr & Mrs Overlander - YouTube



A little bit about our channel. As most of you already know we had one of the first lifted JT and we were the first Gladiator to complete the Rubicon Trail. We also have a Lifestyle vLog channel vs a dedicated Jeep Channel. For those of you that are fans already, you know what we are talking about :). We are from Hawaii, moved to the mainland when we ordered our JT (first JT was on the train that derailed) instead of waiting months for them to make a new one, we ended up picking up a Loaded Rubicon and built it from there.

Since joining the Jeep community, we have learned a lot from you guys. We share honest feedback on things that we buy or break. Contrary to what some people think, most of what we have are things we paid out of pocket for. We know there are others out there who want to get into overlanding who are also new to Jeep. We hope to be a resource for those who have questions so someone new making the switch hopefully can learn from us. Perhaps we can help you decided if its right for you or what not to do :)....

We appreciate all of you, and hope one day we can meet you guys on the trail.

Your probably wondering what we are offering, here is what our current setup is for the Jeep Community

We Created a Patreon Page: Mr & Mrs Overlander - Patreon the whole point of this was to create a community that we can give back to our fans.

When our fans follow us on Patreon on any Support level this is what we offer: (we do not do random giveaways)

1. When we upgrade parts on our JT, we give the part away to our fans
2. We give a monthly surprise(s) to a random fan. (this can be anything from gift card to jeep parts)
3. Sometimes our venders send us things to give a way to our fans.

We could very easily sell whatever we change on our JT, but we would rather be a part of the community and give back.

Upcoming Giveaways:

1. Roam Rooftop Tent /w annex (used 6 times)
2. JCR Half Rack
3. JCR Half Roof Rack
4. Flash-tune for JT
5. Custom Sub Box, Designed to mount behind the back seat, replaying the factory sub
6. OEM Factory Bed Cover, used for a month)
7. Factory Winch Bumper (AZ only, will not ship) - was given away to Nick on Facebook

** If we hit our goal, we will be giving away a 2019 Yamaha MT09 Motorcycle, USA only shipping included. Hitting our goal, just shows us that you are all interested. If we smash our goal, we would like to customize the bike and then give it away!

Comments welcome, we have been running this since 2019, we are now just starting to offer this to the Jeep world.

Keep Giveways going, Support our Channel -
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